Ally Cheek Christmas lights Hospice neighbors decorations

Christmas came early for a 7-year-old girl in Birmingham, Alabama. Ally Cheek is in hospice and might not make to her favorite holiday, so her neighbors put up their Christmas decorations early for her. 

Ally Cheek’s Twin Sister Passed Away Last Year

The Cheek family has already experience tremendous loss. Ally’s twin sister Bailey passed away in the summer of 2019.

The girls both were born with a fatal genetic mutation. It is such a rare condition that only 50 people in the world are known to have it.

Wanting to bring the Cheek family and their little girl some peace and the opportunity to celebrate Jesus’s birthday one last time, neighbors put up Christmas lights for Ally in early November.

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Hugh and Morgan Cheek have a deep faith. Despite this awful situation, they still see God’s grace.

Ally continues to maintain a joyful demeanor through her pain. Even when life is difficult it is still beautiful.

The love of their neighbors is proof of that. 


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“For me, in seven and a half years of twins with medically fragile needs, and burying my first child, and then starting hospice with my second daughter shortly after … I think having that reminder from so many people that the light does always shine in the darkness has just been such a beautiful reminder for us as a family,” Morgan Cheek said.

Neighbors Put Their Christmas Tree Up Early

It all started when Morgan told a neighbor not to judge them for putting the tree up early. Ally wanted to see it one last time and they weren’t confident she would still be able to in December. 

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Within an hour, the neighbor told her several houses in the neighborhood would also put up their lights early for Ally. 

This started a movement. People all over the world started decorating early and letting the Cheeks know. They began using the hashtag #LightingTheLoopForAlly and it caught fire. 

Even Frozen actress Kristen Bell put up lights and made a video for Ally.

This was incredibly touching as Frozen is Ally’s favorite movie. You can see it in the Instagram post below. 


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People from as far away as Italy and Portugal have sent the Cheeks Christmas wreaths for Ally to enjoy. Even though Ally is in hospice, she still very much enjoys the Christmas lights. 

“For some reason, music and lights are two things that she continues to be able to enjoy. We have been able to wrap Ally up in like a billion blankets, and get (her brother) in the back and just ride around and listen to Christmas music while Ally gets to see the lights,” the mother said.

A news report on the Cheek family, their loving neighbors, and these special Christmas decorations can be seen in the video below. 

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