Mark Cuban Shut Down John Legend & Tom Arnold When They Attacked Him For Donating To Food Banks Over Democrats

Mark Cuban dropped a truth bomb on John Legend and Tom Arnold who argued the need to donate money to Democrats instead of food banks.

“The Voice” coach John Legend and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban duked it out this week over the importance of donating to Democrats vs. feeding the hungry. Like a moth to a flame, Tom Arnold then joined Legend to lambaste the Dallas Mavericks owner for feeding people over funding Democrats in the George Senate runoff.

It all started when Legend did not take kindly to Cuban’s plea for people to donate to food banks as the pandemic continues causing financial strife for many families.

The singer and left wing activist believes instead of feeding people in need, the rich should instead give their money to Democratic Senate candidates in Georgia. 

Mark Cuban And John Legend Vie Over Donating To Georgia Senate Races

On Thursday, the “Shark Tank” star encouraged his followers to put feeding people above politics. 

There has been a sharp demand from Democrats to donate to the Georgia Senate races. They are salivating at the opportunity flip the Senate to Democratic control.

But, as Cuban points out people need food NOW. They don’t need political ads.

This didn’t sit well with John Legend or other starts like Tom Arnold who are funneling money to politicians.

Legend showcases his own arrogance by failing to understand that people who are hungry now can’t wait until midwinter to get food.

Food is an immediate need.

The Democrats claim to be the party who supports the little guy, but Legend just showed us it’s all about power instead of feeding people.

Chrissy Teigen’s husband believes it’s more important to flip the Senate.

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Liberal Hollywood Hypocrisy

Cuban latched onto the opportunity to point out Legend’s hypocrisy.

The billionaire doesn’t believe one party can solve all the problems we face. He rightly points out that an over saturation of political ads doesn’t sway anyone.

There is a point where more ads are not useful. When that occurs, donations only line the pockets of the political consultants.

This logic was lost on not-so-funny comedian Tom Arnold who has hobbled through the last four years saddled with his deep hatred for President Trump.

In a tweet dripping in hypocrisy, Roseanne Barr’s ex claims that Cuban, who donates to food banks, is not for feeding people.

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In a single tweet, Mark Cuban exposed Tom Arnold’s tomfoolery and partisan games.


People have an immediate need to eat. There is always a tremendous need for food banks at this time of year.

This year it’s even more important because of the pandemic.

It’s shameful that anyone would put politics over feeding people. 

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