Watch What Happens When Foster Brooks Falls While Roasting Ted Knight

When Foster Brooks roasted Ted Knight, he stumbled his way to the podium before falling down in drunken and disorderly fashion.

Foster Brooks played the role of a gentleman who had one drink too many but tried hard not to let anyone else know it. His schtick was as the lovable drunk. Everyone howled when Foster Brooks would stumble up to the podium as a regular on Dean Martin’s Roasts. You knew you were in for a treat with Foster Brooks! When he roasted Ted Knight, Foster literally did stumble and had to be picked up by his fellow stars as the crowd roared in laughter.

Nobody’s feelings were spared at the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. The celebrities never seemed to take themselves too seriously. Even the hottest celebrities of the day were all the subject of jokes. But, that’s why Hollywood’s A-List of the day wanted to attend and we wanted to tune in to to watch the Roasts.

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Ted Knight Man Of The Hour At Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roasts

In 1977, Ted Knight was the Man of the Hour. Americans tuned in to watch the day’s top celebrities gathered to roast “The Mary Tyler Moore” actor. Brooks stumbled out playing the role of a television station owner where he claimed Ted used to work. The over-served Brooks stumbled across the dais on crutches before falling as he took to the podium. He was picked up by an all star cast. Ed Asner, Ted Knight, and of course Dean Martin laughed as they helped the beloved comedian to safe footing.

Brooks proceeded to roast Knight in his usual inebriated fashion. He accused Ted of starting a fire that he covered in the news. He chastised everyone for making fun about “how dumb Ted is” then he proceeded to tell a tale about Ted accidentally reporting that a man was dead when he wasn’t.

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Watch the video below and remember the good old days when celebrities had a sense of humor rather than a sense of entitlement to lecture us on their political views.

Of course this was back in the day when people weren’t offended and could just laugh at things, including themselves. The camera pans the crowd to show us the best stars of the mid 70s. They all were laughing. Orson Wells appeared to really be enjoying himself laughing at Ted’s expense. But, Ted was clearly reveling in being the butt of everyone’s jokes. After all, he was Dean Martin’s Man of the Hour!

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