How Jon Moxley Told Fans He Was Going To Be A Dad

AEW's Jon Moxley has a passion for wrestling unlike any other. Just look at how Moxley told fans he was going to be a dad.

Instead of making a huge announcement, Jon Moxley casually mentioned he was going to be a dad in an AEW wrestling promo. It was the perfect way to make fans rewind his promo!

The Surprising Wrestling Promo

Jon Moxley

There was nothing unusual about Jon Moxley’s recent wrestling promo. If anything, his wrestling promo was in line with the usual stuff we expect from Jon Moxley.

Of course, there was a huge difference. This time, he made a passing comment that caused quite an uproar.

In the middle of his promo, Moxley stated he ‘has a pregnant wife at home.’ Evidently, this caused fans to do a double take and rewind the promo to make sure they heard him right. 

Renee Young and Jon Moxley are quite transparent about their relationship. However, they value their privacy for most of the big occasions.

Moxley working in the announcement is a promo was a stroke of brilliance. Not only does it hype up his match a little more, it also pulls more viewers to AEW.

Since the announcement, numerous wrestlers and wrestling personalities have sent their congratulations to the couple. One of them included All Elite Wrestling’s own Tony Khan:

“Congratulations @ReneePaquette and @JonMoxley!! That’s the best news we’ve ever broken on #AEWDynamite!!”

How Does This Affect The AEW Championship

Renee Young

At the moment, I don’t think this news impacts Moxley’s status as the AEW Champion. However, much like Seth Rollins, it is likely that the wrestler will be spending a bit more time with his wife in the coming months. 

Moxley is set to take on Kenny Omega for the AEW Championship. This is arguably one of the most serious contenders he’ll face since the beginning of his reign.

Omega stands a big chance of beating Moxley for the title. It remains to be seen if the pregnancy announcement changes plans for the title as they stand. 

Fans believe that the outcome of the championship match is fifty-fifty at this point. 

Omega recently returned to singles competition after losing the tag team titles. For now, it seems his cooperation with Hangman Adam Page is over.

Of course, this is far from the end of it. After all, the contract signing this week brought something quite interesting.

While Omega was waiting in the ring for the contract signing, Moxley was attacked by an unknown entity backstage. Obviously, there are many possible culprits.

One of the most dominant theories is that the mystery attacker was Hangman Page. The relationship between Omega and Page is strained, and by attacking Moxley, Page could be trying to regain his friendship with Omega.

If the attacker is Page, then it remains to be seen if the attack took place with the knowledge of Kenny Omega. Needless to say, the upcoming title defense is one of the most talked about stories in AEW circles. 

We can’t wait to see who is behind the attacks on Jon Moxley and what this means for the AEW Championship!

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