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Arnold Schwarzenegger, best known as “The Terminator”, posted a video message on Instagram expressing his disappointment at the lack of patriotism in the United States these days. Specifically, the Mister Universe turned movie star turned politician is calling for Americans to do a better job of supporting our Veterans.

The former Governor of California spent Veterans Day at a cemetery where over 100,000 Veterans are buried. To his astonishment, the sacred place was nearly empty on such an important American holiday.

“The Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger Visits Los Angeles National Cemetery

Schwarzenegger recognizes that the members of our military are imperative to remaining a free country. They put on uniforms of the armed services.

They willingly put their lives on the line to protect ours. And we can absolutely do more to show that we are a nation filled with gratitude for their sacrifices.

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Schwarzenegger went to Los Angeles National Cemetery as he does every Veterans Day. This year, the crowds were sparse and the actor was very disappointed in his fellow Americans.

73-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a video on Instagram to express his disappointment and encourage others to step it up for next year. 

“I was kind of upset. You have to understand it doesn’t make any sense that in this cemetery, where there are almost 100,000 people buried – veterans – that there are only like, 20 people walking around,” the former Republican Governor says on Instagram.

We are the middle of a pandemic, but going to the cemetery can be done safely.

Americans go to the grocery store and many other places, so an outdoor visit to pay respects to those who defended our freedoms is certainly appropriate. 

He then pointed out that people who attended political rallies should be out there honoring our veterans too. 

Then Schwarzenegger, who does not support President Trump, took a veiled dig at him and his supporters. 

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Veterans Make America Great

“Think about that. I mean, 20 people for almost 100,000 veterans that are buried there,” he continued. “But then 20,000 or so will go to a political rally where someone promises to make America great.”

While, you may not agree with his politics or his poke at Donald Trump, he makes a valid point about the need to support our veterans.

If we can do other normal things, we certainly can take some time out to recognize our veterans. 

You can watch Arnold Schwarzenegger’s video tribute to America’s Veterans in the Instagram post below. 


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We need to have a serious talk about patriotism.

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