NXT’s Ridge Holland Injured, WWE Sued For Violating Disabilities Act

Ridge Holland Injured WWE

Rising NXT Star Ridge Holland suffered an injury only days after entering a huge program with Adam Cole. Also, WWE Sop is being sued due to complaints involving the Americans with Disabilities Act.

NXT’s Ridge Holland Injured

WWE NXT superstar Ridge Holland went down with an injury this week. Therefore, his current push is certainly paused.

During a post-match brawl segment involving Oney Lorcan, Holland suffered the injury. How serious it is remains unknown at this time. 

Holland continued to attack Danny Burch after Burch was topped by Lorcan during WWE NXT. As referees made an attempt to break the situation up, Lorcan performed a dive on Holland. 

As Holland attempted to catch Lorcan, his ankle buckled and his foot immediately bent in an awkward direction. Basically, it was quite evident immediately that there was something wrong with Holland as officials turned their attention to him.

Holland was being pushed as a key star on NXT with the backing and support of WWE management high on his talents. 

The official WWE Twitter account posted a message offering “a speedy recovery” to Holland. 

As seen from the pictures below, the leg and ankle bended in scary way. So, the referee quickly threw up the dreaded ‘X.’

The 32-year-old Holland is a former professional rugby player. A native of England, he transitioned to pro wrestling in 2016 and signed with the WWE two years later.

Holland has also been part of the rivalry featuring top NXT stars Adam Cole and Finn Balor. He was responsible for attacking Cole after the main event of NXT TakeOver 31 featuring Kyle O’Reilly and Balor

Currently, NXT is dealing with some major injuries. Besides Holland, Balor broke his jaw in two spots, O’Reilly is banged-up and Karrion Kross tore his shoulder.

In conclusion, WWE clearly had major plans for Holland. In time, after some healing, he hopefully gets back to action with his current push.

WWE Sued For Violating Disabilities Act

WWE and the WWE Shop are coming under hot water with a lawsuit filed recently.

According to a report by Heel by Nature, a visually impaired man has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court Southern District of New York vs. the WWE. The basis for the lawsuit is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The complaint states that WWE Shop violated the act by not making the site accessible to the blind and visually impaired.

The man filing the lawsuit, Josue Romero, “is a visually-impaired and legally blind person, who cannot use a computer with the assistance of screen-reading softball.

“Plaintiff is a proficient JAWS screen-reader user and uses it to access the internet,” the complaint says. “Plaintiff has visited the website on separate occasions using the JAWS screen-reader.”

WWE Shop does not allow for Romero to browse the website, violating the act. He is asking that WWE change the corporate policies regarding the site and make it accessible to the blind. 

Romero is asking for costs related to his attorney fees.