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Tim Conway and Carol Burnett made a fantastic comedy team. They made many memorable (and hilarious) skits from their television run together, but it’s hard to beat their unforgettable characters Mrs. Wiggins and Mr. Tudball.

“The Carol Burnett Show” is still fun to watch well over 40 years past its ending. This classic variety show has stood the test of time. You never knew what the next skit was going to be about and that was the fun of it. 

One especially comical skit had Mr. Tudball thinking that Mrs. Wiggins only had a week left to live when it was her car, not her, that was about to land at the junkyard.

This duo of workplace misfits made us laugh at how they interacted and often misunderstood each other.

Mrs. Wiggins And Mr. Tudball

Mrs. Wiggins was Mr. Tudball’s secretary. She had a very memorable walk and chewed gum aggressively and often filed away at her fingernails. 

Carol Burnett described Mrs. Wiggins as a “bimbo who the IQ fairy never visited.”

Mr. Tudball sported a very obvious toupee and had an over-the-top accent.

Together, the pair had a lot of misunderstandings. 

It’s National Administrative Professionals Day (Secretaries Day). Who remembers Mrs Wiggins? #CarolBurnett

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In this skit, the memorable secretary took her car to Dr. Auto’s car shop for some work. She was away from her desk with Dr. Auto called with unfortunate news that the car would only last about a week.

Mr. Tudball took the call and he mistook Dr. Auto for a medical doctor who was calling to say that Mrs. Wiggins only had a week left to live.

This was obviously long before HIPAA would prevent a medical professional from leaving detailed messages.

Classic Skit From “The Carol Burnett Show” 

Believing that he had some terrible news to deliver to Mrs. Wiggins about her being fatally ill, Mr. Wiggins was more friendly and understanding than usual.

This made for some television memories that are still funny. 

When Mr. Tudball offers Mrs. Wiggins some coffee, she declines and mentions it cuts your life expectancy in half. 

“I hope you don’t have any plans past Thursday,” Tudball responds. 

Watch Tim Conway’s reaction in the video below when he figures out that Carol Burnett’s car is the problem, not her own health. 

“The Carol Burnett Show” kept us entertained for 11 seasons.

We all gathered around the television without concern about foul language. They didn’t worry about offending anyone as the political correctness police hadn’t started its watch yet.

They don’t make shows like this anymore!

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