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Pop sensation Mariah Carey, who suffers from bi-polar disorder, says her childhood was far from glamorous. In fact, in a new memoir, Mariah Carey says her older sister tried to sell her to a pimp when the mega star was just 12-years-old.

And that’s just one of the bombshell revelations the “Always Be My Baby” singer dishes about in her memoir.

Mariah Carey’s Memoir Details Troubled Childhood

Carey’s siblings have long been sought to sell information on their famous sister to gossip outlets. They have attempted to paint her in a bad light.

But, the singer gives her side of the story in “The Meaning of Mariah Carey.” The shocking stories in her memoir make it understandable why she doesn’t come to their rescue. 

Mariah claims her 60-year-old sister Morgan is violent and even threw their mother into a wall, knocking her unconscious. She writes that Morgan Carey spent time in a psychiatric ward for “seriously emotionally troubled children.”

Allison Carey has been very vocal in the press about her famous younger sister not financially supporting her.

Four years ago, Allison took the tabloids to panhandle from Mariah after claiming a home invasion left the older sister brain damaged.  

But, Mariah’s book makes it clear there are reasons she will not bail her sister out.

Lifelong Drug Issues

Mariah states her sister Allison Carey has lifelong drug issues and incredibly poor decisions that continue to this day.

Worse, Allison allegedly drugged Mariah with Valium when she was just 12, and also attempted to groom her young sister into prostitution. 

When Allison was in her early twenties, her live-in boyfriend was a pimp.

As the pop star tells the story, Allison had 12-year-old Mariah over to the house where she allowed the pre-teen to watch as much TV and have as many snacks as she wanted.

This was quite an impressionable treat for the future star as their family didn’t have money.

Allison told her little sister not to mention the visits or where the couple would take her.

Mariah Carey’s Grooming By Sister Allison And Her Pimp Boyfriend

The singer describes it as “manipulation masquerading in love.”

This is also what many law enforcement officers today call grooming, where someone earns the trouble of a child to gain accessibility and trust for future sexual assault. 

From Yahoo Entertainment:

“Now, of course, it’s clear to me that the fun house was a whorehouse. I think my sister was kind of like the hustler, the talent scout,” Mariah wrote. “I had no idea; after all, I was a 12-year-old girl.”

She said things quickly spun out of control. First, her sister started calling at all hours in “desperate bouts of drug-induced hysteria.” Worse, one day Alison and John were supposed to pick her up, but he came solo — and had a gun on his lap, placed so Mariah could see it.

First, John took Mariah to some seedy card playing venue, where adult men, the only ones there, leered at her and made lewd references. The next stop was a drive-in movie, where he immediately “put his arm around me,” she recalled. “My body went stiff. My eyes were fixed on his gun. [He] pushed in closer and forced a hard kiss on me. I was nauseous and scared; I felt immobilized.”

Luckily she was saved. An elderly man, who she calls “a prayer in person,” pulled in next to them and gawked at the mismatched pairing of the older man and child kissing.

“Even if he didn’t detect my distress, he could see this was no place a little girl would ever want to be,” Mariah wrote of her angel. John started the car and drove Mariah home in silence. She unplugged the phone Alison installed for her after that.

“Big sisters are supposed to protect you — not pimp you out,” Mariah wrote.

Mariah Carey’s Bi-Polar Disorder

Mariah Carey has had her own battle with bi-polar disorder. Having such instability and trauma as a child probably added fuel to this situation.

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