kevin owens confirms plans

While he is on the blue brand now, Kevin Owens confirms that plans existed to send him back to NXT once again. Also, Teddy Hart is in trouble yet again.

Kevin Owens Confirms NXT Plans

Kevin Owens calls SmackDown home at the moment, but Kevin Owens confirms that plans had been lined up to get him back onto NXT.

For reasons, that did not happen, at least not yet.

kevin owens confirms plans

Some fans have been clamoring for a return to NXT for KO for some time. If you recall, Owens made a wildly popular cameo to serve as a surprise team member during WarGames not that long ago.

During a recent interview with Bleacher Report, the former champion confirmed that, at some point in 2019, plans were well underway to return him to NXT.

The KO Show didn’t change nights and times, however…

That move likely would have gone over quite well. It is unclear when this change could have been planned for, but obviously, it did not pan out.

We did get to see the former NXT Champion work WarGames, however. That in and of itself was a highlight of that particular NXT TakeOver.

We have yet to find out if the return to NXT was supposed to happen before the WarGames match or after, but it’s all a bit moot.

Ahead of the draft, and after Karrion Kross had to surrender his freshly-won NXT Championship, there was some speculation that Owens could once again chase the NXT crown.

However, it was another former champion-Finn Balor-who won the vacant title. Balor, of course, has been back in NXT since their weekly show landed on USA last Fall.

With Owens coming out and confirming that plans were indeed far along, we can expect fans will just renew their hopes of having KO once again dominate the NXT ring.

Teddy Hart In Trouble Yet Again

Teddy Hart is as star-crossed as it seems a wrestler can get. He was blessed, or perhaps cursed, with a famous last name…however Teddy Hart is in trouble yet again.

Teddy Hart is quite talented. However, it seems Hart is still determined to show us that he is his own worst enemy.

This time, Teddy Hart is in trouble in Texas, according to PWInsider.

The full details of what is going on are starting to come into focus a bit.

Hart was in Virginia in order to deal with charges stemming from a narcotics arrest earlier in 2020. It appears that that violation triggered a possible probation violation in Texas as well.

Teddy Hart had been arrested in 2016 in Texas on multiple charges, including abuse of a child/disabled person/elderly person, evading police and drug possession.

He went from Virginia and now on Texas, all thanks to his ever-present and lingering legal issues.