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On Sunday night, late night television host Jimmy Kimmel hosted what was clearly meant to be the most “woke” Emmy Awards ever, with social justice being at the forefront of the television awards show. Unfortunately for Kimmel and the Emmys, however, its ratings show Americans had no interest in watching a show full of lectures from wealthy leftwing Hollywood elites.

Ratings Plummet For 2020 Emmy Awards 

The Associated Press reported that the 2020 Emmy Awards had an all-time low in viewership, with just an abysmal 6.1 million people tuning in. This was down from 6.9 million viewers in 2019. 

Reginald Hudlin, an executive producer of the Emmys telecast, tried to argue that the drop in ratings had nothing to do with the “woke” nature of the show. Instead, Hudlin says the ratings reflect competition from the various television options people have to choose from these days. 

“We’re not three networks anymore,” Hudlin said. “We went from three networks to 60 with cable, and with streaming services there’s just endless choice.

“So people are now used to watching a show that’s specifically for them,” he added. “No matter how narrow that audience is, there’s a show that speaks to, ‘I’m a left-handed person who loves fishing’ … And the challenge is there’s not a thing that connects to everybody.”

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2020 Emmys Are Way Too Political 

Of course there is a ton of competition for viewers  in the television landscape these days. But the organizers of the Emmy Awards might get more people to tune in if they cut the politics out of it. And stop using the awards show to cater to the radical let. 

So it wasn’t an option to watch the Emmys and escape from politics for a night. Instead, the  viewers who did tune in were lectured by Hollywood elite about the evils of President Donald Trump and his supporters by Kimmel in his opening monologue.

In explaining why there was no audience in the Staples Center, where he was hosting the show, Kimmel said, “This isn’t a MAGA rally. This is the Emmys.”

If you chose not to tune in but still want to see this spectacle, you can watch the video below.

Later on, Kimmel insulted Trump directly by saying, “Has he tweeted us yet? It’s Sunday so he’s probably at church.” While presenting the award for reality competition series, Kimmel attacked Trump once again.

“Past losers of this category have gone on to be president of the United States,” he said. 

Host Jimmy Kimmel Leads ‘Black Lives Matter’ Chant

At one point in the show, “Black-Ish” star Anthony Anderson even led Kimmel in a “Black Lives Matter” chant.

“Say it with me, Jimmy. Louder, Jimmy. Say it so that my kids could hear it,” Anderson said. “Because black lives matter, black people will stay at home tonight to be safe which is fine, because guess what, because y’all don’t know how to light us anyway.”

You can watch the full segment – including where Anderson berates Kimmel for being white and not clapping – in the tweet below.

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No wonder nobody tuned in to watch this.

Do the executives behind the Emmys want America to start tuning in again? If yes, perhaps they should ditch the politics and inject some fun back into the awards show. 

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