Watch Black Lives Matter Protester Jump On Cop Car, Immediately Regret It

A viral video shows a Black Lives Matter protester jumping on a police car and then being spun to the pavement as the car accelerates.

A video of a Black Lives Matter protester jumping on the hood of a police car has gone viral for a good reason. It’s hilarious. The rioter, who’s pretending to be a protester, was taken for a very short ride. As the California Highway Patrol car accelerated, the man was quickly sent flying through the air. Now, some people are accusing the cop of “running over” the Black Lives Matter protester. 

Most of us learned not to play in traffic at a very young age. But Black Lives Matter protesters believe they own everything, including busy streets.

California Agitators Form Roadblock

That’s what happened in Sacramento outside McClellan Airport where President Trump was making an appearance to be briefed on California’s out-of-control wildfires.

The leftwing agitators lined the streets in an attempt to block people from attending. The mob showed no concerns about blocking cars.

These protesters hate Donald Trump more than they value their own safety!

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Civilian drivers took off in an attempt to avoid the angry mob, and multiple protesters were hit by cars.

The California Highway Patrol was on site for a presidential detail. You can see in the video how the Black Lives Matter mob surround one highway patrol car

But, the guy who jumped on the police car gets special recognition for his supreme stupidity. 

Black Lives Matter Protesters Mob Police Car

The reckless protester jumps atop the police car in true Darwin Awards fashion. He was about to get a fast lesson on physics and traffic safety.

What’s a police officer to do when surrounded by an angry mob and under attack by a crazed man? He neutralizes the threat.   

The officer hit the gas and the protester went flying over the top of the car before taking a dramatic spinning tumble and hitting the pavement. 

The mob of Black Lives Matter protesters went from angry to shocked that a police officer wouldn’t stand by and take their abuse.

Who knows what their plans for this hero in blue would have been if he did stop.

One woman screeched, “Oh my God!” as her protesting pal went ripping through the air. The crowd’s reaction is almost as funny as this clown flying through the air.

Almost, but not quite!

This video is one you will want to watch on repeat. It will make you feel better about every dumb decision you ever made. You’ll never be as dumb as this guy. 

Of course the internet being the internet, someone had to set this video to music. Check it out in the tweet below as “You Spin Me Round” plays. 

Mainstream Media ‘Driving’ Black Lives Matter’s Narrative

Activists are pushing the narrative that the police car “ran over” or “hit” the protester.

Of course, the mainstream media is happy to comply and portray this as the California Highway Patrol deliberately hitting the protester. But multiple video angles show otherwise.

The drive-by media (pun intended) doesn’t even care that this narrative is immediately proven false by witness videos.

The Sacramento Bee’s story headline reads, “CHP vehicle, other car hit protesters outside Trump event in Sacramento, videos show.”

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The CHP car wasn’t the only vehicle that was targeted. The “mostly peaceful protesters” tried and failed to prevent other people from driving past.

Check out more examples of stupidity by these Black Lives Matter protesters in the video below.

All is well that ends well. In this case, the highway patrol officer took the high road and the violent protester got his just desserts.

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