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Beyoncé‘s appearance at the CMA’s with the Dixie Chicks didn’t sit well with country fans. The reason was simple. She isn’t a country musician.

Country legend Alan Jackson was so upset about the pop and R&B hijacking the Country Music Awards that he walked out. He wasn’t the only performer who wasn’t thrilled with this performance.

Travis Tritt took to Twitter to express his displeasure.

Of course, because he wants country music at the CMA’s liberals accused him of being a racist. How predictable. If Beyoncé wanted to go to the CMA’s, she could have sat in the audience and watched actual country singers!

Anytime they want to silence us, they call us racist. I don’t think the word racist means what they think it means!

You can hear part of Beyoncé’s performance in the video below. It wasn’t even good. She’s not a country singer, so she can’t play the part well.

After Tritt came under attack from these scumbag race baiters he fired back in an interview with Nash Country Daily.

“It wasn’t so much about just Beyoncé. This is a complaint that I’ve heard for a long time, actually for decades. Back in the ’90s, it was Elton John or Sting or whoever.”

He continued:

There are a lot of people that try to twist this into being something different than what it is—being motivated by something different than what it’s motivated by—the fact is that this is something that I’ve been very vocal about for a long time. Race has nothing to do with it. … First of all, they said that I trashed Beyoncé, which I never did. I never made a statement saying anything bad about her personally. All I said was that her performance—in my humble opinion—her performance as well as any of the other performances that have been on from the pop world, including Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor, Justin Timberlake or whoever, do not belong.

He concluded:

But when you take a portion of that precious time and give it to an artist outside of our industry, it makes no sense. It makes about as much sense to me as it would make sense to bring Eminem in on the Dove Awards. But you wouldn’t do that because it doesn’t fit the format. That’s my humble opinion.

They need to get over themselves. Beyoncé doesn’t sing country music, so it’s pretty natural for country fans to prefer an actual country musician over her. It’s not racist. It’s common sense! It was also a night that was supposed to be all about country music and its history. Beyoncé has no part in that whatsoever!

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