Colin Kaepernick Madden 21 NFL game

The PC Police continue attempting to shove Colin Kaepernick down our throats, with the popular Madden video game franchise reviving the failed former NFL quarterback despite the fact that he isn’t even playing in the league. In fact, he hasn’t played since 2017.

But they didn’t just shoehorn in a player who isn’t even playing in the NFL. The Kaepernick character comes complete with a political touchdown celebration that is sure to have Black Lives Matter supporters cheering. 

As Black Lives Matter rioters have been actively waging destruction on numerous cities this summer, some were demanding Kaepernick be signed by an NFL team.

Well, that didn’t happen – but Madden 21 still gave him a platform to appease his supporters.

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Colin Kaepernick’s “Black Power Fist” Touchdown Celebration

Kaepernick enjoyed the privilege of working directly with EA Sports on his Madden 21 avatar design and chose to sport an afro in the NFL video game.

In addition, the former San Francisco 49er has a signature move when he scores a touchdown. The Kaepernick avatar raises his hand in a Black Power fist – a highly-charged, political move. 

It is not known if kneeling during the National Anthem is also a signature feature, but clearly EA Sports has decided to go political with this latest Madden edition.

Kaepernick is now the highest rated free agent quarterback on the video game with a rating of 81. This makes him one of the elite virtual quarterbacks despite not even having an NFL bench to sit on in recent years.

Colin Kaepernick has accomplished nothing athletically, yet he is elevated gratuitously in the Madden 21 game. 

Premier Madden 21 NFL Game Lineup

His repetitive kneeling during the National Anthem alienated some NFL fans and caused division on some teams. Kaepernick has been a man without a team for several years now.

His tryout last year didn’t go as planned, and he once again was not signed. He now is known more for his leftwing political activism than football.

Yet, EA Sports gave him a premier lineup on Madden 21. He was given a personalized intro when he enters the video game.

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NFL teams have recognized how toxic Kaepernick is for the culture of their team. Yet EA Sports appears to be pandering in an effort to sell video games.

But, it’s possible that the choice will alienate some gamers who don’t believe politics should be mixed in with football. 

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