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An Ohio Sheriff is offering free CCW – carrying a concealed weapon – classes to church security teams in the wake of the a shooting in a Texas church over the holiday weekend. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones tweeted out the offer in a press release that has gotten the attention of both Second Amendment supporters and gun grabbers alike.

Many of us are vulnerable in church. The faithful are there to reach out to God and hear His message. We assume we are surrounded by friends and aren’t necessarily looking out for trouble. That’s why it’s so important for each church to have a security team and action plan.

The security team at the Texas church saved lives by being prepared. Sheriff Jones knows how important this is and wants to help Butler County churches enact a plan.

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Concealed Carry In Churches

Sheriff Jones doesn’t shy away from the Second Amendment. He understands the importance of bearing arms and protecting yourself.

Jones is often the target of leftists who want to infringe on our rights, but he refuses to compromise his beliefs or bend to the political correctness peddlers.

He has citizens to protect and he understands people with concealed handgun licenses are able to defend themselves immediately when the cops are minutes away.

The response has been strong. In just a day, the Sheriff received over 100 emails and 75 interested participants in the CCW Classes for Church Security Personnel. Jones understands the importance of protecting those in church.

“Unfortunately, in these days and times, no place is immune from mass shootings, and we want our citizens to go to church without worry and fear, feeling safe and secure to worship with their families and fellow church members,” the Ohio Sheriff said.

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A Good Guy With A Gun Stops A Bad Guy With A Gun

Jones’s offer has gotten a lot of attention from across the country.

Many Second Amendment supporters would like to see their local law enforcement offices offer the same thing to churches.

Sheriff Jones wants to remind everyone that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Jones expects to get 200 to 300 requests for training. A captain will lead the training for church goers.

The department will also work with the religious institutions to enact security programs. All decisions are the responsibility of the churches.

“It is a crazy world we live in. We cannot just bury our heads in the sand,” Jones said.

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