Michel Pereira Calls Out Jorge Masvidal, Following Latest Win

After cruising to victory at UFC Vegas 9, the walking highlight reel, Michel Pereira, is hoping to throw hands and feet with Jorge Masvidal.

Chances are Michel Pereira won’t get his wish, but following his impressive win at UFC Vegas 9 on Saturday, “Demolidor” called out Jorge Masvidal. Just remember, you can’t score points if you don’t take a shot right?

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Pereira wants to “fight the best”

The 26-year-old Pereira took on Zelim Imadaev on Saturday night, and once again, his highlight reel, Capoeira infused striking game was on full display. Imadaev had difficulty catching Pereira throughout much of the fight, and the latter punished him with kicks and punches.

Late in round three, Pereira tossed Imadaev to the deck with a suplex and started working a rear-naked-choke. The fight was called, even though it wasn’t really clear if Imadaev had tapped.

But, since all that took place with less than 30 seconds left in the fight, however, Pereira’s victory seemed inevitable, anyways.

Well, immediately after the win, Pereira yelled ““Jorge Masvidal, be ready”. While speaking to the media afterward, “Demolidor” had this to say about his call out (quotes via MMA Junkie).

“I want to fight the best,” Pereira said. “I train very hard to do that and I train with some of the best.

I want to fight the best and Jorge Masvidal is one of them.

He’s a guy that I want to fight against. I think people would find it to be a great fight, a big fight, and it would give a show to all the UFC fans and the world.”

Pereira also did some showboating in his bout with Imadev, which included firing some slaps at the welterweight. Pereira did so, as Imadev slapped him at the weigh-ins on Friday.

When asked if he’d do the same with Masvidal, Pereira said this.

“If he disrespects me, yeah. I want to fight with him and do a great fight, and with that, the fans of the UFC and MMA – they would enjoy a great show and a great fight. I want to fight him.”

Chances are slim to none right now

You can’t blame Pereira for trying to lock-up a bout with a big name like Masvidal, and on paper, there’s a lot to love about the match-up.

But, right now, the chances of that fight happening anytime soon are slim to none.

Recently Dana White reported that the UFC is working on booking a rematch between Masvidal and Nate Diaz. Even if that fight wasn’t in the works, since Pereira isn’t currently ranked in the top 15, Masvidal has nothing significant to gain by fighting the dazzling striker.

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