Country Star Kane Brown Preaches Unity Over Color In New Music Video For ‘Worldwide Beautiful’

Country music star Kane Brown dropped a new music video for his song "Worldwide Beautiful" calling for unity a month after defending police.

Just a month after coming to the defense of police, popular country music star Kane Brown finally released the music video for his song “Worldwide Beautiful”. The country song urges Americans to come together and stop focusing on things that divide us, like the color of our skin.

Kane Brown posted a teaser for the new music video on his Twitter account today.

Kane Brown Releases “Worldwide Beautiful” Music Video

Brown released the song back in June. According to The Tennessean, the song was named after the tour that Kane was supposed to go on in 2020.

Back before the coronavirus pandemic rocked the country, forcing countless concert cancellations.

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The music video was shot in Tennessee by director Alex Alvga, and it depicts a dystopian world where adults are frozen still, leaving the children to come together in the face of mass destruction.

In a statement back in June, Brown said that all of the proceeds from this song are being given to The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, “to advocate for justice and equality for the millions of youth that are counting on us.”

The song opens with a spoken-word verse from Brown, who is biracial, where he talks about the ideas being used to divide us right now.

“White churches, black churches/ Different people, same hearses/ It’s kinda hard to fight with each other/ Laying down in the ground, six under,” he said. Later, in the chorus of the song, Brown added, “You’re missing every color/ If you’re only seeing black and white/ Tell me how you’re gonna change your mind/ If your heart’s unmovable. We ain’t that different from each other/ From one to another, I look around/ And see worldwide beautiful.”

You can watch the full music video for Kane Brown’s song “Worldwide Beautiful” below.

Kane Brown Defends Police

Last month, Kane Brown was one of the only figures in the entertainment world to take a stand for police officers.

The “Heaven” singer implored people not to confuse the good cops with any bad, and sent a message of love to counteract the shaming and attacks against law enforcement in the months following the death of George Floyd.

Brown told HITS Daily Double:

“There are people who think all cops are bad, but I know that’s not true. Those kids who were bullied in high school, the ones who get this power trip with a badge, they’re out there. They let the power go to their heads; they bully people, but that’s not all cops.

I know if I get stopped, I need to put my hands out the window so they can see I don’t have a weapon. You have to be real careful about how you speak because you don’t know who’s walking up to the car; you don’t know what they’re scared of or acting out of.”

The 26-year-old singer went on to say that police officers are “in the line of fire every day, and that’s part of it. So I try to love everybody: the cops who do their jobs, anyone who’s a good person in this society.”

Calls For Unity 

In the end, Brown is focused on bringing about unity, and he’s tired of people trying to make him pick a side.

“I’m trying to bring everybody together, and they want me to pick a side,” he told HITS Daily Double in a recent interview. “I even get pushed from one side to the other. I’m both, and both push back. So I try to understand and see each without losing the other.”

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