Tiger Woods Triggers Radical Left With His American Flag Mask At PGA Championship

Golf legend Tiger Woods just defied the anti-American left by showing up for the first day of the PGA Championships wearing an American flag face mask.

Golf legend Tiger Woods just defied the radical anti-American left by showing up for the first day of the PGA Championship wearing an American flag face mask.

Tiger Woods Wears American Flag Mask

The official Twitter account for the PGA Championship tweeted out a video showing Tiger arriving at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco. What made this moment so great is that Tiger was proudly sporting an American flag themed gaiter mask.

The Daily Caller reported that the mask is sold by SA Fishing, and the brand’s manager Clarke Bowman spoke out to say that he was shocked to see Woods wearing the mask.

“We’ve seen our products worn by some football players and basketball players before, but this is definitely the biggest ‘celebrity’ we’ve ever had,” Bowman told Golf.com. “It definitely was a ‘holy cow’ moment. Of, ‘Oh my God, Tiger Woods is wearing our face shield!’”

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Call Goes Out To Cancel Tiger Woods

Sadly, paying tribute to the American flag in any way is seen by man as “controversial” these days.

So Woods was immediately hit with backlash from anti-American leftists on social media.

“#BLACKTWITTER are we not going to speak on Tiger Woods wearing a blue lives matter mask… no excuse for this… some people are blind and just don’t care about the mission that we are on… I will no longer support Tiger Woods,” one social media user commented. Another added, “Dawg… I know Tiger Woods just didn’t step on the golf course with one of those American flag masks on.”

Another user expressed his disbelief that a professional athlete would dare don American flag gear at a US sporting event.

Others Defend His American Flag Mask

On the flip side, many came to Woods’ defense. Applauding his patriotic choice. A choice that many feel honors his late father.

“Tiger Woods wears an American flag face covering at the PGA Championship & people are upset…that’s where we’ve come to in 2020,” one user wrote. “Any other player wears their national flag & they would be applauded. He’s an AMERICAN. Patriotism doesn’t have to be canceled. Good for you, Tiger.”

“His father, Lieutenant Colonel Earl Woods (US Army, Retired) raised Tiger to respect the flag. RIP Mr. Woods, your son is not kneeling,” another Twitter user wrote. 

I hope Tiger Woods doesn’t cave to the mob after the backlash he is sure to get from this. The vast majority of Americans support our police!” tweeted another Twitter user. 

It’s sad that we live in a time when simply wearing the American flag means that you are sure to get hate from the radical left.

This just goes to show that modern-day liberals really do hate America. And they will do anything to destroy everything that makes our country so great.

We’re glad to see the PGA return to our TV, and we’re even more invested thanks to Tiger’s bold move.

God bless you, Tiger Woods, and thank you for taking a stand for America. 

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