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In a viral video tweeted by the Tennessee Titans quarterback, Ryan Tannehill stated that the United States is “founded upon racist ideas.” The team apparently supports this opinion as they shared the shocking message. Now, they are going to have to answer to fans. 

The NFL has been hemorrhaging fans since Colin Kaepernick began protesting during the National Anthem. Football fans don’t want to be lectured.

They watch football for enjoyment. Sports give us a break from the daily grind of our days. We want to escape politics not to have it pushed down our throats. 

NFL Teams Boycott Practice Over Black Lives Matter

The Tennessee Titans are are the latest team to boycott practice in a protest of Jacob Blake’s shooting. But, if these boycotts continue, they might protesting themselves out a job. 

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Tannehill’s comments are rather shocking. He believes our freedom was founded on racist ideas and he judges our Founding Fathers by today’s standards. The short clip below highlights how out of touch these overpaid athletes really are. 

The Titans even shared the message on its social media accounts. The extended video is even more concerning as Tannehill paints police officers with a wide racist brush.

At no point is it mentioned that police officers risk their lives to protect us. Police officers help keep things orderly and safe at NFL games. WATCH:

In another video tweeted by the Titans, Coach Mike Vrabel expressed how proud he is of the players for boycotting and standing up on this topic. Vrabel didn’t appear to take issue with his quarterback saying our country was based on racist ideas. 

NFL Season Is Approaching

As the season is soon approaching, multiple NFL players are saying they will take a knee during the National Anthem. This is bound to alienate more fans who want their sports to be apolitical.

Many NFL fans are veterans or first responders or the people who love and support them. Protesting our country, calling our nation racist is a slap in their faces.

Our country isn’t perfect, but we are better than we used to be and we will be better tomorrow. 

Professional athletes like Tannehill and the Tennessee Titans are basically canceling themselves. There are plenty of other sporting events. We can focus on college or high school football instead. Hockey players rarely lecture us about the political opinions or demands. 

The NFL isn’t just a sport. It’s a business. If it doesn’t sustain a profit, it will cease to exist. Alienating the fans that pay high ticket prices and buy jerseys and other paraphernalia is not a good business decision.

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