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Hollywood star Sharon Stone just came unglued as she lashed out at the public about masks on Instagram in the wake of her sister Kelly’s diagnosis with COVID-19.

Sharon Stone Shames ‘Non-Mask Wearers’

The 62-year-old actress is angry and distraught over her already immunocompromised sister’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

Stone took to Instagram to post photos of her sister’s hospital room along with a caption in which she called out people who don’t wear masks.

“My sister Kelly, who already has lupus, now has COVID-19. This is her hospital room. One of you Non-Mask wearers did this. She does not have an immune system,” Stone wrote.

“The only place she went was the pharmacy.  There is no testing in her county unless you are symptomatic, & then it’s 5 day wait for results. Can YOU FACE THIS ROOM ALONE? Wear a mask! For yourself and others. Please.”

Stone later posted a video to Instagram in which she revealed that her sister’s husband is also in the hospital “fighting for his life” after also being diagnosed with COVID-19.

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The Basic Instinct star explained that her sister and her husband stayed home “as long as they could”. She also said that her sister and sister’s husband, who drove to Montana on March 13, stayed isolated, only taking a trip to the pharmacy.

Alyssa Milano Offers Support

Sharon Stone received support from her fellow Hollywood star Alyssa Milano. The “Who’s The Boss” star posted a comment indicating that her thoughts are with Stone.

“I love you. I’m sorry for your unimaginable heartache but I’m so appreciative that you made this video. Thank you,” Milano wrote. 

Kelly Stone, Sharon’s sister, also took to Instagram herself to open up about her battle against COVID-19. In the post, she begs her followers, “Know that this is real.”

“I am gasping… for every breath with oxygen” she said. “Please do this for the people that you love: stand behind more tests, more masks, demanding that everyone wear a mask.”

Fox News reported that as of this writing, there are 5.4 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Sharon Stone’s Bizarre COVID-19 Safety Tips

This comes weeks after Stone went viral with a bizarre video in which she gave her fans safety tips for what to do if violent riots break out in their neighborhoods. 

“We’re in the middle of a riot and if you are anywhere where you feel unsafe in your home, this is what I want you to do. We’re going to make a safe room for you,” Stone began. \

“Probably the safest bet that you have might be your bathroom because you have maybe the least windows and you’re the most tucked in there.”

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