Sharon Stone Is Unrecognizable In Bizarre ‘Riot Safety Tips’ Video

Sharon Stone looked almost unrecognizable as she posted a bizarre video in which she warned of an impending civil war and gave some riot safety tips. 

Hollywood star Sharon Stone looked almost unrecognizable as she reemerged on Instagram this week to post a truly bizarre video in which she warned of an impending civil war and shared her best riot safety tips. 

Sharon Stone Warns Of Civil War On Instagram

Fox News reported that Stone took to her Instagram story to warn her fans that a civil war is coming as riots continue to spread through the United States like wildfire after the death of George Floyd. 

“Please do not fall for this we do not need a civil war we need understanding,” the Basic Instinct actress said in a text post.

She then added a photo of what looks to be the National Guard posted at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. along with the caption, “today at the Lincoln Memorial Do not let our country get sucked into a civil war we have so much love in our hearts WE ARE MORE THAN THIS.”

This came after Stone posted a video to Instagram that has since been deleted in which she gave her fans safety tips amidst the riots while she wore a yellow turban.

In the video, she told her followers what they should do if violent riots break out in their neighborhoods, and they start to feel unsafe in their own homes.

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Sharon Stone’s Posts Riot Safety Tips Video

“We’re in the middle of a riot and if you are anywhere where you feel unsafe in your home, this is what I want you to do. We’re going to make a safe room for you,” Stone began. “Probably the safest bet that you have might be your bathroom because you have maybe the least windows and you’re the most tucked in there.”

She added that her fans should start keeping pillows and blankets in their bathrooms so that they are prepared to stay in there for a prolonged period of time if necessary.

Stone also advised them to keep food, a cooler filled with water, a computer and cell phone chargers in their bathrooms.

“Stay safe, don’t be overreactive,” she concluded. “This will come and go like all things do. Ok? Alright.”

Who Knows? She May Be On To Something…

While Sharon Stone’s video is unquestionably zany, 2020 has shown us that if anything, we should expect the unexpected. 

Who knows, a month from now, we could all be curled up in our bathroom safe rooms going back to rewatch Stone’s video for more tips! 

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