Sadie Robertson On Faith: “It’s Definitely Been A Huge, Huge Source Of Hope For Me”

Sadie Robertson is opening up about how her faith has kept her grounded through fame, marriage, and quarantine.

Sadie Robertson is a young woman who found fame at an early age. She began chronicling her life at the age of 14 on her family’s reality television show “Duck Dynasty.” Many girls who grow up on television the way that Robertson did end up having their lives go off the rails. It can be a struggle to deal with fame and all the temptations that comes along with it.

Robertson, however, has managed to stay the course. Now, a married 23 year old, Robertson credits her strong Christian faith with helping her to stay grounded through fame, her marriage, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Robertson’s Faith Keeps Her Grounded 

Despite the fact that she has over three million followers on Instagram, Robertson has never let her popularity go to her head. 

“My life just dramatically changed really fast,” she told Fox News. “You think about how social media affects any young person and then think about social media with millions of followers… [it] definitely will affect you in certain ways.”

However, Robertson believes that her faith is what has kept her focused and on the right path in life.

“Not that I didn’t struggle with insecurity and didn’t have my hard days, but I felt like I always had just a grounding, you know, to not just completely lose it,” she explained. 

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Robertson Relies On Faith During COVID

Like many of us, Robertson has relied on her faith throughout the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s definitely been a huge, huge source of hope for me,” Robertson said. “We have hope that God is still with us here, to give us strength, to give us joy, to give us peace, to make us feel loved in the midst of a time where the world is really throwing things at you.”

Unlike many famous women her age, Robertson strives to use her platform to help others. That’s why she’s decided to host the “Unite to Fight Poverty” virtual concert, which will benefit the coronavirus relief efforts of World Vision, Compassion International and Food for the Hungry. Other Christian artists and celebrities like Hillsong, Kirk Franklin, and T.D. Jakes will be taking part in the concerts as well.

“I’ve seen kids who are hungry and who are living in poverty and who can’t afford clothes, who can’t afford school, can’t afford water,” Robertson said. “So when you see that and you’re able to see the impact that your giving can make, you become an advocate for it.”

Robertson’s Marriage To Christian Huff

After marrying her husband Christian Huff in November 2019, Robertson spent more time with him than the average newlywed couple does. They were alone together in quarantine for months. Though she admitted that they had “a week of arguments” at the beginning, she said they soon “snapped out of it.” 

In the end, Robertson said that her time in quarantine with Huff “really deepened our relationship.”

“I’ve just fallen more in love with Christian,” she added. 

God bless Sadie for showing the world what a good Christian woman looks like. She’s someone that young girls everywhere can really look up to! 

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