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Sadie Robertson grew up right before the eyes of fans of her family’s reality show “Duck Dynasty.” 

She is known for her strong Christian beliefs, family values, and down-home American attitude and outlook.

These days, she’s a 23 year-old adult who is married to the love of her life Christian Huff, and they are sharing their growth as a married couple with the world.

Judging by her latest Instagram post, their union is going better than ever. She found herself a man who will stick up for her and defend her. 

Sadie Robertson Found Her Man

Robertson took to Instagram this week to thank Huff, 22, for rushing to her defense when two men made fun of her during a vulnerable moment.

“HUGE LOVE,” she began. “Let me tell you girls. Wait for the guy that you don’t have to stand up to, but that stands up for you.”

Robertson then went into detail about what exactly happened. 

“Long story short, I was speaking the other night and sharing a story of a time a guy really hurt me,” she recounted. “When I was sharing the story I started to cry because it was the first time i had ever shared this detail of what happened publicly.

“Then all of the sudden two guys in the room started to laugh as I was sharing the story.”

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Huff Defends Robertson

“I called them out by saying – ‘you laugh, but it’s these kind of things that ruins a girl,” Robertson continued. “I quickly realized i wasn’t the only one who stood up for myself. This husband of mine took them outside, and no, did not hit them, but called them to be better men.

“He called them to maturity and to greatness. There are both types of guys and girls out there, and every guy and girl has the opportunity to mature and be better. Let’s not just bash people, but teach them. Let’s not just cancel people, but enlighten them. ”

“This man is a good one,” the granddaughter of Phil Robertson concluded. “He will be the first to tell you he used to be like those two guys, but Jesus called him to greater and He rose to the call. You can too.”

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That’s quite the story. You sort of expected a physical confrontation, maybe even violence, didn’t you?

It’s extraordinary that Christian not only refrained from violence – he was confident enough in his moral authority to correct the behavior of some rude dudes just with the power of his voice.

How often does that happen?

Not as often as how many times Christian has left Sadie stunned at what a good husband he is. 

Last year, Christian sent the ladies to their fainting chairs when he told Sadie he loved every bit of her, even her stretch marks. What a man! 

Robertson And Huff Plan On Children

It’s been nearly a year since Robertson and Huff got married, and they are already planning on having children in the future. 

“That’s probably years down the road,” Robertson said, according to Yahoo News.

“We definitely want kids, and a lot of kids,” she added. “I grew up with six in our family and Christian just has one brother, but he has so many cousins.”

Though Robertson said, “family is definitely really important to us,” she made sure to add that they’re “not in a rush for that.”

“First things first,” she said. “My sister just had a baby and my sister-in-law is pregnant, so we’re going to have plenty of babies around.”

We can’t wait to see these two lovebirds expand their family in the years to come!

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