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Robin Williams warned us about Joe Biden‘s cognitive issues all the way back in 2009. In a clip from the HBO special “Weapons of Self-Destruction”, the beloved funny man explains how the former Vice President appeared to have cognitive issues back then. There is a lot of truth in humor, and the former “Mork and Mindy” star certainly served it up to Biden. 

Biden has had 11 more years of mental deterioration since Williams pointed this out. As funny as this clip is, it’s important to remember that the Democratic nominee’s problems have gotten much worse in the recent years.

“Rambling Joe Biden”

Biden often speaks in gibberish and is incredibly gaffe prone and Robin Williams noticed. The Vice President wasn’t taken seriously at the time because of his incoherent ramblings.

If Williams was still alive today, there’s no doubt he’d have a field day with Biden’s loss of focus or how he told Black people who don’t vote for him “You ain’t Black!”

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Now, liberal Hollywood is running interference for “Rambling Joe Biden”. That’s how Williams referred to today’s Democratic presidential candidate way back in 2009. Already Biden’s cognitive issues were front and center.

And that was readily apparent to Democrats and Republicans alike at the time – there were no party lines in comedy back then.

In the HBO special’s clip, Williams and the crowd laugh as he says, “Joe says shit that even people with Tourette’s go “No! No! What is going on?”

That doesn’t even seem like a stretch!

Biden’s cognitive decline has been apparent to anyone with a smart phone or a television. You either notice it or you’re in denial. 

Widely considered a comedic genius, the “Good Morning, Vietnam!” star was ahead of his time with this bit.

Robin Williams was known as a supporter of the Democratic Party and even he pointed it out. Of course, this is back when jokes were funny and allowed to cross party lines.

Williams joked: 

“Joe is like your uncle who’s on a new drug and hasn’t got the dosage right. I’m proud to work with Barack America — ‘He’s not a superhero, you idiot — come here!’ ”

Williams pontificates in his hilarious stand-up routine in the video below. 

Biden’s Cognitive Tests

Ouch! The truth hurts and Biden’s competency issues have only gotten worse in the past 11 years.

Earlier this week, Joe Biden had a viral verbal diarrhea meltdown when asked about his mental capacity. Previously, the former Vice President said he is regularly given cognitive tests. 

When asked about this on CBS News, Biden reversed course and forgot his previous comments by saying he isn’t taking any cognitive tests.

He then asked the Black journalist if he was a junkie who was addicted to cocaine. 

The video below further solidifies that Robin Williams’s 2009 comments on Biden were just a preview of what was to come. 



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