California wildfires firefighter wallet stolen

California firefighters are out risking their lives to battle the out-of-control wildfires in the Golden State. However, while they’re tying to save lives and homes, these heroes are vulnerable to looters and thieves. It takes a special kind of creep to steal from a working firefighter. 

Evacuation Orders Have Left Homes Vulnerable To Looters

People have had to abandon their houses as historic fires ravage Northern California. They’re running for their lives and leaving all their possessions behind. Unfortunately, that’s like rolling out the red carpet to criminals willing to run into these danger zones to loot empty homes.

The picture below highlights the severity of the situation. 

Inmate Firefighter Shortage Due To COVID-19 Releases

Some firefighters are working 24-hour shifts. But, there are just not enough resources to combat the fires. In a surprising twist, there are fewer inmate fire fighters helping since they were released early because of COVID-19. 

Cal Fire spokeswoman Christine McMorrow said

Inmate firefighters “are an integral part of our firefighting operations.” The early releases have meant 600 fewer inmate firefighters are available this fire season compared to last year.

This puts even more pressure on these firefighters. They are defending against over a dozen deadly fires while being shorthanded.

As many as 17,600 California inmates have been released. The sudden influx of criminals into society and dozens of wildfires are a combination for disaster as looting has been a serious issue as people evacuate. 

One thief actually burglarized a marked firefighter’s vehicle and stole his stuff as he fought off the flames. The looters allegedly entered the firefighters’s truck and drained his bank account using his debit card. 

“That’s the extent these people have gone,” California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Battalion Chief Mark Brunton told the press “Again, this is why we’ve asked for people to evacuate. The sheriff’s department has done a fantastic job in trying to wrangle this, but again, this is what we have as a result.”

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California Firefighters Battling Historic Wildfires

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart promises justice on this case. He plans to help throw the book at the thief when caught. 

“To me, it’s just mind-boggling that somebody would have the audacity to do something like that,” Sheriff Hart stated. “I’m confident we’re going to find that person. When we do, we’re going to keep him in the county jail and then we’re going to hand that case over to the DA and the DA is going to hammer this guy.”

Firefighters are in extremely dangerous situations trying to protect California homes and residents.

As the video below details, this is a life threatening situation for them. Imagine working in these conditions to save lives and being rewarded by having your bank account drained. 

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Santa Cruz authorities have arrested eight people for burglarizing residences while evacuation orders have forced people from their homes, leaving them vulnerable to criminals. 

There are a dozen wildfires raging in California. The second and third worst wildfires in the state’s history are in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Though 2019 was a record year for California fires, unfortunately, the 2020 fires have already claimed more lives and land. More than 1 million acres have burned and there looks to be no end in sight. 

There’s got to be a way to shut down these criminals and stop them from continuing.

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