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Radical liberal actor Jim Carrey is at it again. The Canadian-born funny man appears to have lost his sense of humor. Jim Carrey is attacking President Trump in a tweet containing COVID-19 inspired artwork that appears to wish his supporters harm. 

The “Dumb and Dumber” star has been using Twitter to bash our Commander-in-Chief and conservatives for months. Carrey’s political paintings have gone viral as he has over 18 million followers on the social media platform. 

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Jim Carry Tweets ‘Make America Die For Him’ Painting

Hollywood doesn’t appear to have learned from Kathy Griffin’s stunt of a faux beheading of President Trump.

Wishing anyone, including the President, physical harm can tank someone’s career.

But, Jim Carrey doesn’t seem to care. He took aim at Trump for the coronavirus pandemic. He blames our American President for the virus that China failed to contain or even alert the world about in the early stages of the pandemic. 

Jim Carrey’s tweet included his painting of an overweight man wearing a red hat fashioned after the MAGA hat design. The man in the painting seems to be suffering from a severe case of COVID-19. There are a lot of stereotypes to unpack in Carrey’s artwork. 

Clearly the “Ace Ventura” star has no qualms about alienating or offending the real men and women who support the President.

In fact, many interpret the image as Carrey wishing harm on Trump supporters while attempting to also smear the President. 

“Make America Die For Him.” Carrey wrote on the tweet. “176,000 and counting.” 

Carrey had plenty of followers who agreed with him and at least one wished President Trump a slow and painful death from COVID-19.

But there were also plenty who were quick to point out the comedian’s hypocrisy. As well as the A-list actor’s silence regarding Hollywood’s relationship to pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein.

“You are part of the problem Jim. Thank you for showing us your true colors,” one person replied. “There is a reason hellywood is silent regarding paedophila and human trafficking and that includes you.”

Governors Enact State COVID-19 Plans

So Jim Carrey’s goal seems to brainwashing Americans into believing that Trump is a cold-blooded killer.

But there’s a big problem with his message. For the most part, governors are in charge of how the virus response is handled.

Population density has a large part to play during a pandemic. Metropolitan areas are more susceptible to the spreading of the diseases since people are in tighter quarters and may rely on public transportation.

Our country is very geographically diverse and a one size fits all approach isn’t going to work.

The President only has so much control as the responsibility mainly falls to the states. This was pointed out to the actor.

“You are a fine actor. You are of course entitled you your opinion, but it’s nonsense to think that a national leader is the main cause of virus deaths where much of the response is rightly being handled at a state level,” another person tweeted.

Jim Carrey appears to really enjoy his artwork presumably showing a Trump supporter dying of COVID-19. He tweeted the painting again just an hour later updating the death toll to 180,000. 

What a sick man to wish people harm. And what a gross and morbid painting. Imagine being inside the mind that could create such a spectacle.

If Jim Carrey is so disgusted by Americans, maybe he should make Canada his home again. 

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