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Chicago violence is in the news yet again, as the city experienced yet another weekend of death and destruction that left 51 people shot and five killed even with bridges raised. According to ABC7 in Chicago, a city with strict gun control laws, that makes 91 shot and nine killed in just the last two weekends alone.

The bridges going into downtown were raised to prevent more people from flooding in amid the chaos. It’s a dramatic scene that highlights that Mayor Lightfoot has lost control of the city. This is the second weekend in a row that the bridges were raised.

Black Lives Matter Leader Say Looting Is “Reparations”

Last weekend, downtown Chicago descended into chaos. In what was described as an “organized” event, looters busted into high end stores along the Magnificent Mile and raided merchandise.

One Black Lives Matter organizer claimed that looting was justified because it was reparations. Thirteen police officers were injured in the melee.

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Hundreds of protestors gathered in Millennium Park on Saturday afternoon. They were calling to “defund the police.” While the rioters claim the police started a clash, authorities claim the protestors charged the officers.

Video of rioters attacking Chicago Police can be seen in the tweet below. 

Surprisingly, police have found support (at least rhetorically) in an unlikely source. The Chicago Tribune reports that Mayor Lightfoot actually defended the police on this matter. 

Chicago’s Gun Control Is Failing

Geraldo Rivera predicts the chaos will be of serious concern for Joe Biden if they fail to address the violence in these Democrat-run cities at the DNC. Chicago has very strict gun control.

The fact that so many people have been injured or killed by gun violence in the Windy City is proof that gun control does not work. It just leaves law abiding citizens unarmed and vulnerable to murderous criminals.

People are rightly concerned about the riots and looting that have been occurring all summer. The Democrats continue to encourage protesting while demanding the rest of us stay home and social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Businesses have been destroyed through these riots and the biggest problems have occurred in large cities with Democrats Mayors.

There has been little accountability for this as residents and business owners are left to pick up the pieces. Many will likely throw in the towel rather than rebuild if the politicians are going to allow this chaos to continue.

And’ if they defund the police, this destruction might get worse, as emboldened rioters face even less opposition. 

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