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Cher wants to volunteer at the Post Office, but she keeps getting rejected. 

The plastic surgery aficionado has bought the Democrats’ talking points on the Post Office hook, line, and sinker. There have been issues with the US mail for years. But now they are trying to pin it on President Trump and claim that he is attempting to steal the election and kill old people by denying them medication. 

Cher Rejected By TWO Post Offices

Cher is so devoted to the cause of removing Trump from office that she offered to volunteer at two different posts offices.

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But, alas, she won’t be trading in her scantily clad flamboyant outfits for a USPS uniform anytime soon. They don’t want her. 

After not getting the result she wanted by simply tweeting, the “Moonstruck” star contacted two different post offices in Malibu where her help was flat out rejected.

Imagine answering the phone at the post office and being asked by Cher if she can volunteer! It would sound like a prank. 

While Cher might not realize it, she is actually the one being pranked by the Democrats on this USPS nonsense.

The Post Office IS Hiring

The United States Post Service does not accept volunteers, but Cher is welcome to apply for a job as they are currently hiring. The refusal to have volunteers likely runs in conflict with their contracts with organized labor.

Imagine her being painted as a union buster. Volunteers would inevitably reduce the number of paid workers. Does she want to take someone’s job?

It’s hard to take the 74-year-old’s desire to volunteer at the post office seriously given her over-the-top persona and Twitter rants. I personally can’t imagine her wearing the drab postal outfit with a baseball hat that she can’t even bedazzle up.

But, Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing and it makes people act out of character. 

After Cher was rejected by the USPS, the American Postal Workers Union tweeted at her. They welcome her help.

So far, Cher hasn’t replied publicly to the Postal Workers Union. Maybe she realized Post Office blue isn’t her color. 

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