Davey Grant

Davey Grant is coming off two consecutive victories and a “Performance of the Night” bonus from his most recent bout.

Now, Grant is looking forward to making some noise. 

Grant improved to 12-4 with a victory over Martin Day at UFC 251: Usman vs. Masvidal on “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi and Yas Island. 

The victory, though, came at a price. 

“As soon as I felt that right hand land I knew it was a bad one,” Grant said. “I’ve taken harder shots than that but this one did the most damage I’ve ever had. I knew straight away my jaw was broken because suddenly my teeth weren’t fitting together properly, they were all out of line.

“When I went back to my corner at the end of the first round I couldn’t even really take in what they were saying because I was more interested in pressing my teeth together and seeing if I could fix my jaw somehow!

“It’s definitely a setback, taking damage like that so early in a fight, but what can you do? Quitting is never an option. You just have to work through it. I went to Abu Dhabi looking to go to war and give the fans what they want. The broken jaw didn’t change my mind.” 

Since the injury, Grant has undergone surgery to repair it. 

“I came out of the fight with a jaw broken in two places and a fractured nose,” he said. “One break was up at the top of the left side of the jaw, just below the ear and the other break was through the point of the jaw on the same side.

“The surgeons said all the breaks were nice and clean though and they were able to fit it all back together with just a plate and screws, I don’t need wires or anything. I’m just glad my teeth fit together again now. 

“I have to say, the medical care was first rate. After the fight the UFC had me straight to hospital for X-Rays and and MRI. They would have paid for me to have surgery immediately but I wanted to fly back to the UK with my team so I had the surgery back home here instead.”

Grant Seeking Big-Named Opponent Next

Overall, Grant has scored a pair of knockouts to go along with eight submission wins. 

“I’d like to fight again this year but it all depends on how the healing goes,” Grant said. “It’s very British of me I know but I’m not one for trash talk or calling people out by name. What I will say is that I’m not ranked right now and I want to try and change that with my next fight. 

“Give me someone ranked and let me get in the rankings and start climbing them, that’s what I want next. Ideally someone I can have another war with as well, if possible. Let’s collect another bonus award!”

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