NYPD video of father shot Anthony Robinson

Devastating surveillance video from the Bronx shows a father being shot and killed as he held his six-year-old daughter’s hand. This cold-blooded, assassination-style murder of Anthony Robinson happened in broad daylight. And yet leftwing activists and politicians continue their efforts to defund the police. 

Anthony Robinson was shot in the chest by someone in a car at 6 pm on Sunday. The NYPD released the surveillance video hoping to get tips on the identity of the shooter.

The 29-year-old father was one of eight people killed in New York City over the Independence Day weekend. There were 49 shootings in the Big Apple during the holiday crime spree.

New York City Defunded The Police

This weekend’s crime spree comes on the heels of New York City shifting $1 billion way from the New York Police Department (NYPD) to appease the Defund The Police activists.

They rolled out the red carpet for criminals, including the man who murdered Anthony Robinson while crossing the street with his young daughter in broad daylight. 

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Imagine the horror this child will experience the rest of her life after witnessing her father being killed right in front of her. Robinson’s killer didn’t care about her.

The young girl could have been killed as well.

Defunding the NYPD will only enhance the city as a breeding ground for more of these heinous crimes. 

From The Daily Caller

The graphic video shows a man at the intersection of Sheridan Ave. and East 170th Street around 6 p.m. with his daughter at his side. The video was originally posted by New York Police Department chief of detectives Rodney Harrison, and the victim was Anthony Robinson, 29, according to the New York Post.

As he crosses the street, a black sedan slowly pulls up to Robinson’s left, prompting him to pause and look at the sedan, the video shows. The car rolls across the street at about the same pace as Robinson and his daughter.

When Robinson and his daughter reach the other side of the street, he turns away from the sedan and says something to his daughter, the video shows.

At that moment, the shooter sticks a gun out of the passenger window and fires at Robinson, hitting him in the chest, according to the New York Post. He was hit multiple times, according to Harrison.

Surveillance Video Shows Man Being Shot In Front Of His Daughter

The disturbing surveillance video of this father being shot in a crosswalk is in the tweet below. 

While the video is hard to watch, the NYPD hopes it will lead to tips or witnesses coming forward. The police are requesting public assistance to identify the shooter or the vehicle he was in. 

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We hope this video leads to an arrest and conviction. The Robinson family deserves justice.