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MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin was visibly disgusted when five pediatricians interviewed by the mainstream news network all agreed they would send their children back to school during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Of course, these pediatricians are not alone. Many medical professionals and even the American Academy of Pediatrics have said children are more at risk from the impacts of not learning or socializing in school than they are from the novel coronavirus.

President Trump’s statement that schools should open in fall has been widely criticized in the mainstream media. Yet, the pediatricians interviewed by MSNBC agreed with Trump on this point. They totally derailed the mainstream narrative, and host Craig Melvin’s face is priceless. 

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Liberals Like MSNBC’s Craig Melvin Want Schools Closed

It was nearly impossible for Melvin to hide what he was feeling from showing on his face after watching MSNBC’s agenda of keeping kids out of school against President Trump’s wishes. The pediatricians all stated it is safe for students to go back to school starting next month.

These are licensed physicians who took an oath to ‘do no harm’.  These doctors, who have their medical licenses at risk, say children are not impacted by the virus in the same way adults are. Yet the mainstream media is sticking to their story even if it stokes undue fear and panic.

These doctors completely demolished the media’s plan. In return, the MSNBC host was disgusted and disappointed and it showed. 

Actual Doctors Disagree

Other doctors across the country are speaking out against the media’s attempt to keep American students shut in at home this upcoming school year. The social and educational implications of this could have devastating effects on an entire generation. 

Dr. Douglas Allen is a pediatric cardiologist at the UVA’s Children’s Hospital in Richmond. He deals with some incredibly ill patients and is a parent himself. Even so, he is urging school administrators to open their doors to students. 

His Facebook post is getting attention and smashing the left’s narrative that says it is dangerous for kids to return to the classroom. He says it’s okay for them to go to school.

He is an actual doctor rather than a public health official who is a policy pencil pusher without medical school training. 

Pediatric Cardiologist Pens Open Letter To School Board

Dr. Allen’s post reads: 

The letter I will be sending to every public official with any influence over HCPS re-opening. Please reach out to your HCPS board member and Amy Cashwell to get our kids back in school…

“I am writing to you to encourage you to support a full re-opening option for Henrico County Public Schools this fall. I am a parent of a HCPS student and a local pediatric cardiologist who cares for children in our community with some of the most complex medical issues one can imagine. I am very well versed in the scope of worldwide medical literature regarding the novel coronavirus, particularly as it pertains to children and their role in spreading the disease. I also now have 6+ months experience working in local pediatric medicine and observing the non-existent impact the virus has on our pediatric community. And I fully support a return to 5-day per week, in-person school instruction.

Though this novel coronavirus, which has cost thousands of lives across our country, is serious and not fully understood; there are a few things we have come to know without doubt. Children (under the age of 19) do not suffer significant illness from this virus. ZERO pediatric deaths in the Commonwealth of Virginia and at most 30 deaths in children nationwide. Moreover, children do not transmit this virus to other children or adults. The medical literature has dozens of peer reviewed published studies which document the essentially zero risk schools pose in spreading this illness to teachers, parents, or other adults in the school setting. The American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed children returning to school in person for full attendance. Local pediatric experts have testified before school boards encouraging a return to school. The science and data are clear – our children can return to school without risk to the students or the teachers. Please do not rely on so-called “public health officials” for your information. Make the effort to read the scientific literature before you decide on a plan for our kids.

The damage being done to our students being kept from school is immeasurable. Sadly, for too many children, their school is the safest place they spend time during their day, their school is the source of their best meal of their day, and their school is the one place they receive the attention of caring adults who have the time and resources to invest in their well being. Depriving these disadvantaged children their access to school is bordering on child neglect.

Unfortunately, sensational and dishonest media reports have created an environment in which many parents, and far too many teachers, believe returning to school carries some significant, or at least unknown, risk to students, teachers, staff, and family members at home. This is simply not true. And the science and data do not support such fears. Even a cursory review of the medical literature will convince you that my position is in the best interest of our students, teachers, and staffs.

Certainly some special accommodations may be warranted. Students at particularly high risk may wish to stay home. Teachers or staff with extraordinary risk factors may wish to work from a distance. But punishing the vast majority of students who should be in our schools this fall, is not a reasonable choice.

I have come to believe that public officials who oppose a full re-opening of our schools must fall into one of two categories. One can be ignorant (not meant in any pejorative sense); simply unaware of the overwhelming science supporting a return to school. Or one must be consciously inflicting harm on the students of our school district. Assuming you bare no malevolence towards our children, I beg you to offer families the option for our kids to return to school this fall.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this most important matter.


Douglas R. Allen, MD
Parent of HCPS students 2019, 2022”

MSNBC Segment Derailed By Pediatricians

You can watch the full video clip below. The look on MSNBC host Craig Melvin’s face says it all. You can see his complete disgust at the end of the segment after all the pediatricians agree they will send their kids back to school without hesitation . 

Members of liberal media don’t want us to listen to doctors. They are willing to sacrifice a year of classroom education in order to effect the election.

It is almost as if they want to control us by fear and want us to ignore these doctors. 

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