Cal Perry MSNBC mask shaming video

An MSNBC reporter who attempted to publicly shame people in Wisconsin for not wearing masks ended up being the one looking like a chump after a passerby called out reporter Cal Perry’s cameraman and crew for not wearing a mask. This mask shaming attempt by the left backfired in an epic fashion. These videos prove that you can’t trust the media!

Mainstream Media Liberal Bias And Hypocrisy

Live TV can be tricky when there is a crowd. It’s harder to manipulate the situation as there is no editing.

The broadcast is unfiltered and that makes it risky for a reporter like MSNBC’s Cal Perry who has an agenda to push.

MSNBC wanted to portray people out for Memorial Day weekend as “Grandma killers” who don’t care about anyone but themselves during the coronavirus pandemic.

But, that plan backfired when a man being mocked by the MSNBC reporter on air turned the tables. The man being made an example called out the the television crew for being guilty of the same thing they were shaming average Americans for.


On Air Mask Shaming Segment Backfires

Of course, Perry was sporting a mask for the camera during the segment. And he had the cameraman focus on a man near them not wearing a mask.

“As you can see, no one is wearing them,” the MSNBC reporter stated.

But, this man wasn’t going to be a useful tool of the leftwing media. “Including the cameraman,” the local said live on MSNBC. Before adding, “half your crew’s not wearing them.”

Since it was live television, this couldn’t be undone and it made Cal Perry and MSNBC into a mockery. The man’s simple reply completely exposed the reporter’s faux agenda.

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These members of the liberal media don’t want to live by the rules they apply to us.

Check out the segment below to see the media caught red-handed in their hypocritical false narrative. 

MSNBC Shamed Further With Bystander Video Showing Mask-free Crew

BOOM! And the live humiliation gets worse for MSNBC.

The local man who exposed them also got great video that shows the entire crew maskless and his wife tweeted it.

In fact, the only MSNBC employee wearing a mask was the reporter. That epic video is in the tweet below.

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So, while they are trying to portray people who aren’t wearing masks as being selfish, MSNBC was doing the same thing.

Why do we need to wear masks outside anyhow?

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