Not only did Mounir Lazzez turn heads in his Octagon debut at UFC Fight Island, the welterweight’s also making news for calling out Mike Perry.

Lazezz explains why he wants to throw hands with “idiot” Perry

The Tunisian fighter made his UFC debut on Wednesday night, as Lazezz took on the ridiculously dangerous, Abdul Razak Alhassan.

Early on, it looked like Alhassan was going to score another, early finish. But, Lazezz weathered the early storm and mounted a comeback.

The fight featured many, memorable exchanges, but Lazezz landed more strikes as well as several takedowns, and won the thrilling bout via decision.

Afterward, he called out Perry by referring to him as an “idiot”. When asked why he wants to battle “Platinum” at his post-fight presser, Lazezz made it pretty clear (quotes via Essentially Sports).

“It’s just because my teammate Darren Till has an issue with him. So if one of my team he has a problem with someone, it means he has a problem with all of us.”

“I just wanna put him in his place because he’s an idiot. And he’s inspiring the new generation with the idiot stuff he’s doing. I just wanna put him in his place.”

Perry has had a few incidents to date, whereby, he’s made news for something not related to a UFC bout. But, most recently, Perry was captured on video striking an older man outside a restaurant in Texas, and the fighter’s been accused of allegedly assaulting three people.

The UFC has announced that Perry will not be offered another bout by the promotion, until after he undergoes professional treatment and is evaluated. So, if Lazezz is hoping to fight again soon, then chances are Perry won’t be his next opponent.

Lazezz is ready to go

And speaking of when Lazezz wants to fight next, the 10-1 fighter says he’s good to go, pretty much right away.

“Just give me two weeks’ notice and I can take anyone from the top fifteen. I wanna take my career step by step.

But it’s hard nowadays because there is a lot of new talent and they would like to stay busy. So that’s exactly what I am planning — to stay busy as well.”

It will be interesting to see when and who Lazezz fights next. The welterweight’s certainly off to a promising start in his UFC run.

UFC Fight Island 1 was hosted by Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

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