Mike Perry is back in the news, following his key victory last month at UFC Vegas 4, but not for the right reasons. A new video that has been shared out appears to show the welterweight striking an older man, following a reported altercation at a restaurant in Texas.

The disturbing video goes viral

Recently the video below was posted online and it quickly went viral. As you can see, it appears to show Perry punching an older man, who had intervened. 

The fighter can also be heard shouting racial slurs.

The 28-year-old Perry was in the Lubbock, Texas, restaurant with his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez. Police have informed MMA Fighting that three people were allegedly assaulted in the incident. Perry has been charged with Class A assault.

TMZ is reporting that a witness alleged Perry also struck a friend of Gonzalez, as well as an employee of the restaurant, who had asked him to leave.

Perry follows-up with Twitter rant

After the video quickly fired around, Perry followed-up with the tweets below (warning: graphic language).

I hope judgement day is coming. I hope all you filthy mouth losers burn in the shithole sewers of hell. All you will see, smell & hear is nightmares of vomit and feces drowning you for eternity.

Your life sucks so you hate on beauty you will never have but it will only get worse

If you see us in public and you get too close, I’m gonna hit you. Social distancing says you gotta stay 6 feet away from us. You come in my bubble you getting Sparta kicked in the nuts and fuckin stone cold stunnered bitch !

Please try me. I promise I will baptize you in the name of street Jesus !

It will be interesting to see if the UFC moves forward with any disciplinary action on its own. The promotion has been reluctant to in the past, but considering the timing of this incident, the company may go another route.

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