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Sports Illustrated is going in a new direction with this year’s swimsuit issue. In a “stunning and brave” decision, a transgender model Valentina Sampaio will be featured in SI’s coveted swimsuit issue. The decision raises questions about who will purchase the upcoming swimsuit issue despite its legacy as a magazine American men look forward to each year. And also serves to highlight the hypocrisy of feminists applauding the magazine’s “historic” decision.

“Good Morning America” applauded Sports Illustrated’s transformative decision to have Valentina Sampaio grace the pages of the swimsuit issue.

The model was born a boy a Brazil and is excited to be the first transgender woman to be featured in the magazine as detailed in the video below.

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Sales

Of course, this magazine has traditionally been purchased by men. But, will men continue purchasing it? According to many men on Twitter, that answer is a definitive NO.

Sports Illustrated is not a charitable organization but a for-profit company that is dependent on sales. So what is this decision really about if not sales?

Retired professional baseball player Aubrey Huff isn’t afraid to voice his opinion on the matter.

The two-time World Series champion isn’t shying away from the fact that he is not in favor of this decision. He tweeted #GetWokeGoBroke along with a puking face emoji. 

Then other men joined in to voice their displeasure about having Sampaio included in the sultry magazine which ushers in bikini season. 

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Hypocritical Feminists

As feminists and leftists applaud a transgender model in the SI swimsuit issue, Greg Gutfeld of Fox News pointed out the hypocrisy.

Previously, they said the issue is misogynistic and degrading to women. But, including a biological man in women’s bathing suits is now viewed as brave by this crowd. “The Five” host sarcastically pointed this out in the tweet below. 

But Gutfeld isn’t the only person to recognize the hypocrisy. In addition to the previous claims of misogyny, there also is the irony of a biological man taking a woman’s job.

This might get Sports Illustrated applause from people on the extreme left but that won’t help them pay the bills when sales slump. 

Surely, men don’t want to be served up a political agenda while looking at scantily clad women. 

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