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A picture of Ghislaine Maxwell and actor Kevin Spacey sitting in Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s thrones from her coronation has caused a host of problems for the Royal Family and Prince Andrew in particular. For starters, both Maxwell and Spacey have been accused of sexually assaulting children. Then there is Prince Andrew’s close friendship with Maxwell’s employer, convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

After Maxwell’s arrest by FBI last week, it’s anyone’s guess what other sordid tales will be brought to light by Federal prosecutors. Here’s what we know so far.

Bill Clinton Flew With Epstein And Maxwell On The Lolita Express

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested Thursday, July 2nd, for her involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia and sex trafficking ring. To add more drama to the situation, the picture was taken in 2002 when she and the now-dead financier were in London with former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton was in London to address the Labour Party and hitched a ride with Epstein and Maxwell on the infamous “Lolita Express.” 

The involvement of all these sordid players is likely to have people revisiting conspiracy theories they may have previously dismissed.

Ghislaine Maxwell And Kevin Spacey Take The Throne 

The thrones are from the Queen’s 1953 coronation. And, and no one but Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh are to sit in them. But, that’s exactly what Ghislaine Maxwell and disgraced actor Kevin Spacey did while on a private tour.

The tour is believed to have been given, or at least arranged, by Prince Andrew. 

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Spacey later faced sexual assault accusations himself in both the United States and in the United Kingdom. At the time the picture was taken, the Academy Award winning actor was the artistic director of London’s Old Vic theater.

Prince Andrew’s Public Relations Nightmare For The Royals

Queen Elizabeth’s second son is already at odds with his family. Following his disastrous BBC interview regarding his relationship with Epstein and Maxwell, the Prince stepped away from his royal duties. Or more likely, he was forced out.

Prince Andrew created a public relations nightmare for the Queen because of his involvement with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who may or may not have committed suicide last year while in prison

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It is unknown if Prince Andrew was in the throne room as the pair made themselves comfortable. But, he definitely arranged and green lit the visit. 

What a tangled web with so many interconnected players…

Now, the public anxiously awaits to see if Ghislaine Maxwell will name the names of powerful people involved in Epstein’s sex trafficking or if she will have a similar fate as Epstein. 

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