masks in Walmart

Preschool aged children shopping in a Georgia Walmart with their mother had a very traumatic experience according to bystander video which shows a woman wearing a mask confronting the family before shouting “I hope you all die!

Masks are currently recommended by the CDC and required in many states – but the facial covering requirement remains a hotly debated issue in the US.

Unhinged Woman Confronts Family About Masks In Walmart

On July 20, Walmart began requiring people coming into their locations to wear masks.

On the day of the incident, Desiree Alis Vansickle, a mother of three, hadn’t planned to go into her local Walmart that day. So the mom didn’t have a mask with her to wear for the impromptu stop. 

The Walmart greeter allowed Desiree to enter without wearing a mask and with her young children in tow. Desiree’s children are young enough that a mask is not required.

“There was a man at the door who said if you have a mask can you please put your mask on, and we didn’t have any with us but he didn’t say that we couldn’t come in.” 

The family was just popping into the store for a few quick things.

However, the shopping visit turned bleak when Desiree and her small children were accosted by a woman wishing death on them. 

Mask Patrol Is Out Of Control

This self-anointed mask patrol officer decided to go after this young family even though other people around her weren’t wearing masks.

Only bullies pick on innocent children. And, it didn’t matter to this woman that young children are not required to wear masks. This “maskhole” just needed to rage on some kids. 

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It’s hard to understand a situation in which anyone would wish for the death of children.

Not only did the female shopper do just that, but she yelled it right to the children’s faces.

What’s even more bizarre is that this woman got well within six feet of all of them. Why isn’t she social distancing if she is concerned about coronavirus? 

Shouldn’t she  be “avoiding them like the plague” if she’s so concerned about her own health and welfare?

No child should be ever put in this position. These children handled it remarkably well, although the mom probably had some questions to answer when they got to the car. 

The whole incident was caught on video by another shopper in the Georgia Walmart.

Watch the video from the Walmart confrontation below and notice that the woman didn’t say anything to the two men without masks. Instead, she decided to target and bully these two little girls. 

How The Mom Responds

What an incredibly jarring experience for this family. The young mother was shaking and brought to tears after leaving the store. 

Desiree understands people are scared and is trying have compassion for the callous woman who treated her family so horribly. 

She said: 

“I just prayed that she just went home and she thought about her actions, and what she said, and what she did affected a lot of people.”

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An Atlanta television station has a different angle of this masked death wisher. Mom Desiree Alis Vansickle also discusses the experience in the video below. 

This woman appeared to be in panic mode and is worried for her own health and that of her husband’s.

However, that doesn’t give her the right to take her fear out on others and publicly wish death on preschoolers.