Colby Covington Trashes Kamaru Usman UFC 251 Performance

Former interim UFC champion Colby Covington completely took Kamaru Usman to task for his recent win at UFC 251 in defending his title.

Former interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington chimed in on the UFC 251 performance of Kamaru Usman on Submission Radio.

Covington, who lost to Usman, watched as the reigning welterweight titleholder defended his title vs. Jorge Masvidal.

And to say Covington was less-than-pleased would be an understatement.

On Usman/Masvidal

“The way the fight played out, I think UFC has a new name to it. It’s called the Ultimate Footsie Championships. So, it was a pathetic performance. It put me to sleep and it put all my friends to sleep as well. So, Marty Fakenewsman, just like I said, he’s boring as fuck and he had a shitty fighter in Street Judas to make it even more less entertaining.”

On his post-fight comments on social media

“I called it. Who called it? I said it was going to be a boring fight, that he was gonna ragdoll him, he was just gonna take him down and it was going to be boredom. Street Judas, he was in Dustin Soy-rier’s training camp all training camp, so of course he was working his wrestling with Dustin Soy-rier. We saw how his wrestling was against that Hooker from Australia. He made that Hooker from Australia look like Dan Gable. What I meant [by the tweet] was that it was a shitty fight and they put all the fans to sleep.”

On Masvidal stepping up on short notice

“I don’t know why everyone’s running that narrative that he came in on short-notice. He was training his whole camp with Dustin Soy-rier. He’s been training for the last six, seven months on his little Fight Island. He should have went to Telemundo and done the cornhole championships over there and reinvented himself, because last time he said he was on that island he came back and he was knocking people out and nobody could stop him. What I thought was exactly what I called. I should be taking my victory lap around the pool right now.”

On Usman putting on a boring fight against Masvidal

“He’s playing footsies out there, it’s the Ultimate Footsies Championship. He’s stomping on his foot the whole time, just hugging him up against the cage, whispering stupid shit in Street Judas’ ear the whole time. I mean, who wants to see that shit? I feel bad for all the people that purchased their pay-per-view.”

On how Masvidal handled Usman’s wrestling, and reflecting on why he didn’t wrestle Usman in his own fight

“That’s why I’m a little upset that I didn’t wrestle him the first time, cause I know he’s not on my level wrestling. But I wanted to prove a point in that fight, I wanted to knock him out unconscious. But seeing that fight and how much he struggled to take down the Street Judas, I mean, that’s pathetic. Street Judas was taken down by lightweights, by featherweights, by bantamweights in Assuncao. He’s been beat by everybody under the moon with double digit losses, like 15 losses from people you’ve never heard of. The fact that Marty was struggling so much in the takedowns – and I’ve trained with Street Judas before, I know how bad he is with wrestling. You can blow wind at him and he’ll fall over and be taken down. So, to see Marty struggle so much, showed me how bad Marty is at wrestling. There’s a reason he was D-2 and I was D-1, and when I fight him in the next fight, he’s gonna be exposed and I’ll expose his wrestling.”

 On Marc Goddard’s performance at UFC 252

“Oh, without a doubt his [Usman’s] stock went way down. Who’s gonna pay 50 dollars on pay-per-view to watch that again? To watch an Ultimate Footsies Championship? A guy taking a guy down and holding him.”

“What I think is even more funny, is the ref in the fight was the same ref, the same corrupt piece of shit, that square headed fuck from England, Marc Goddard. How the fuck does he get the same ref every title fight? It makes no sense. And Marc was letting him be boring, he was letting him sit in guard and do nothing. He wasn’t punching, doing any activity. So, it was pathetic to watch, and I don’t think any fan will pay their hard-earned money to ever watch Marty Fakenewsman fight again.”

On when Colby wants to fight again

“I’m ready to fight and I’m hungry to fight, and I want to fight soon. I’ve been training for the last seven months with a burning desire inside my soul from my last fight with Marty Fakenewsman and how much I got robbed by Marc Goddard. And obviously we found out how awful Marc Goddard was again last night. He was letting fights go too long, he was taking two points away, he was letting Marty Fakenewsman be boring. So, we know how much of a Cuck Marc Goddard is, and he’s anti-Brexit and he hates Trump, so of course he’s gonna fuck me over. But he’ll never ref one of my fights again. So, with that being said, I’m ready to fight, and anybody can get it. I want my rematch with Marty Fakenewsman, I want big fights.”

“I’ve done it all in this sport. I’ve fought the biggest names, I beat former champions multiple times, and now I only want super fights. That’s all I deserve, and everybody knows I deserve that. I just want to prove my greatness by fighting the biggest and best fights in the division.”

On Jorge Masvidal saying post-fight at UFC 251 that Colby’s “definitely not” next, and that Colby’s below him

“Oh, I’m not below him in anything. I’m not below some journeyman fighter who has 15 losses on his record. He got a BMF title. That stands for Broke Mediocre Fighter. What’s he ever done? He’s number three in the rankings, he’s behind me in the rankings. I don’t need to ever fight Street Judas Masvidal. We fought every single day in the gym. I knocked him out all the time. You can go to YouTube and watch the last time we fought. We fought an hour straight in the living room. I used to beat the shit out of him, poke him, play with him, tell him he’s a little bitch, whisper in his ear, and he couldn’t do nothing about it. He couldn’t stop me. So, of course he doesn’t want to fight me. Why would he want to fight me? Why would he want to fight a guy that he has no chance to win against?”

“I could care less about fighting him. I don’t need to prove to fight him to prove my legacy in this organisation and my legacy. My legacy won’t be defined by fighting journeyman like him. So, I could care less if I ever fight him. I’m gonna get my rematch with Marty Fakenewsman and I will hold that undisputed title soon, and anybody can come get it. I take on all-comers. I’m not a little bitch like Street Judas, ‘oh, I don’t want to fight him’. You know, he wants to pick and choose easy fights, ‘oh, I want to fight Nate Diaz. Oh, I want to fight Demian Maia, avenge my loss to a fucking 40-year-old virgin’. So, I’m not a little bitch like Street Judas, I’ll beat everybody in the world, and I don’t need to pick and choose my fights like him.”

On why he would finish Masvidal even though Kamaru Usman couldn’t

“He has no chance to last five rounds with me, and he knows that deep down inside that I have a different level to my game than Marty Fakenewsman. He knows that deep down inside. That’s why he’s not gonna step in the octagon with me. Last time we trained, he got knocked out unconscious with a high kick. I faked a takedown, came up. So, he knows who his Daddy is. I’m Jorge Masvidal’s father. That is my son. I’m the King of Miami. I’m Miami’s King, and anybody can come get it. I ain’t gonna pick and choose easy fights and try and say who I’m gonna fight, I’m gonna take anybody, cause I’m the best in the world and that’s what the best in the world does.”

If Masvidal could be next if the UFC made the right offer

“Dude, I’ll fight with that guy for free. That’s the easiest money fight I could ever get. We used to fight in the living room, in the bathroom, in American Top Team at the water fountain to see who’s gonna get the water first. But, of course, you know the father always goes before the son. So, you know I got my water first. But, dude, man, I’ll fight that guy for free. And it’s such an easy fight, dude. I don’t need any money to fight that guy. So, of course I’ll accept that fight. I wouldn’t be able to sign the contract before the ink dried, that’s how fast I’ll sign it. Of course, he’s already making excuses. He doesn’t want to come fight America’s champ, he doesn’t want to come fight Donald Trump’s favourite fighter. You know, he’s trying to bite off my stuff and act like he’s on the Trump train now. But before he was like, ‘oh, fuck that MAGA kid, fuck MAGA, Latinos, blah, blah, blah, all this bullshit’. And now he’s trying to jump on the bandwagon cause he knows Trumps are a bunch of winners. So, I just think that’s funny. It just shows how fake he is and exposes the coward that he is.”

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