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Uncle Ben's
September 23, 2020
Uncle Ben's rice just became the latest brand to go full "woke" and change its name to appease the radical…
John Crist Cancel Culture
July 29, 2020
Christian comedian John Crist went to Walmart to "cancel" any products deemed offensive by the professionally offended liberal mob.
Cream of Wheat Chef Rastus Aunt Jemima rebranding cancel SJWs
June 19, 2020
As rampant SJW cancellations hit brands like Aunt Jemima, B&G Foods announced Cream of Wheat's branding review but its Chef…
Aunt Jemima Quaker Foods cancel culture PC police
June 17, 2020
Quaker Foods and its parent company Pepsi swiftly caved to cancel culture's call to discontinue Aunt Jemima. If pancakes and…