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Apollo Crews Injury Update, Reaction To Wyatt Swamp Fight

Following last night's Extreme Rules forfeit, we have an Apollo Crews injury update. Also, we have reaction to the Wyatt Swamp Fight.

Apollo Crews was unable to compete on Extreme Rules, and we now have an Apollo Crews injury update.

Also, following the Sunday PPV, we have reaction to the Wyatt Swamp Fight.

Apollo Crews Injury Update

By now, you should know that the scheduled United States Championship match did not happen at Extreme Rules. We have a bit of an Apollo Crews injury update.

WWE Apollo Crews

Officially, as what the announcers told us during Extreme Rules, Crews did not pass his pre-show physical and could not compete.

As a result of that, MVP declared himself the new United States Champion, which he had already been acting like since the new belt was revealed.

Based on the announce team, they sold it as Crews suffering the effects of the attack from Lashley a few weeks ago. They mentioned a bulging disc, and that was that.

So far, backstage details have been scarce, but here’s where speculation is going to kick into high gear.

Crews has not been seen on WWE television (or tapings) since basically mid-June. That’s right around when WWE-linked COVID cases was spiking.

Now, WWE has not said that Crews was one of the talents who may have tested positive. Due to privacy laws, they really shouldn’t, either.

Right now, plenty of folks will be connecting the dots and wondering if Crews missing the show “due to injury” is actually something else.

Either way, it will clearly be worked into the program, because that’s what WWE does. At this point, we have one man who IS the United States Champion, with a good looking belt.

Then there is MVP, who declared himself United States Champion on Sunday, but who has a less good looking belt.

If Apollo Crews really has been out due to COVID-19, we wish him a speedy recovery. If he missed Extreme Rules for other reasons, we will surely find out soon enough.

Reaction To Wyatt Swamp Fight

In response to pre-recording most of the PPV matches since the pandemic, WWE has trotted out some cinematic matches for us. Some worked well, some have not.

We’ve got reaction to the Wyatt Swamp Fight from Extreme Rules, the latest cinematic entry. Some liked it but most did not.

I would say that this entry was several steps more bizarre than the Wyatt/Cena match from WrestleMania. That match was similarly polarizing.

As you can see, some loved it, some hated it.

For my time and money, the two best WWE has given us would be the Boneyard Match and then Adam Cole/Velveteen Dream.

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