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Reality series “Little People, Big World” has given us a window into the Roloff family’s life for over 15 years. The family matriarch has been mostly open about her life. But now Amy Roloff is giving LPBW fans an even more intimate look with “A Little Me Biography” video that delves deeper into the experiences of her life.

Amy Roloff Video Biography Establishes Faith And Family As Her Foundation  

Amy gives a short synopsis of her life story in a compelling five-minute video. As she narrates her life, personal photos dance across the screen. 

This mother of four shares some throwback pictures of herself when she was young as well as one when she was pregnant with twins Zach and Jeremy!

She describes how she grew up in Michigan. As the only little person in her family, Amy suffered from self esteem and medical issues.

Her loving family and her faith carried her through those rough teen years and continue to be the foundation of her life today.

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Matt And Amy Roloff Saw Each Other Four Times Before Getting Engaged

After college, Amy met Matt Roloff at the annual Little People of America National Conference. After seeing each other just four times, they decided to get married. Amy packed it up and left Michigan for California to be with Matt in his home state, changing her life forever

Amy and Matt had twins Jeremy and Zach and moved to Oregon where their lives would completely change. Amy details how the couple first bought the original property for their farm before adding to it by purchasing surrounding properties over the years. They had two more children Molly and Jacob.

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Matt And Amy Divorce In 2016

She also mentions how she dealt with her 2016 divorce from Matt after 26 years of marriage.

Amy Roloff’s life has changed dramatically, but she is moving on with gratitude for the past and hope for the future. She started a charitable foundation in 2009 that has raised more than $1,000,000.

The foundation with the mission to “advocate for, inspire and add value to the lives of youth who face life challenges,” has donated to multiple local, national, and international charities.

Amy and her boyfriend of three years, Chris Marek, got engaged in September 2019. They plan to get married in 2021. She also started up an online business called Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen

Amy continues to share her life with her family and friends and loves being a grandmother to her four grandchildren – Jackson, Bode, Lilah, and Ember.

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