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AJ Styles: Dixie Carter Killed Impact, Matt Hardy Retires Gimmicks

WWE's AJ Styles says Dixie Carter killed Impact Wrestling and he doesn't hold back. Also, Matt Hardy retires his gimmicks moving forward.

We have a WWE Superstar who says who killed IMPACT-check out what AJ Styles has to say!

Also, Matt Hardy retires gimmicks…as in, all of them.

AJ Styles: Dixie Carter Killed Impact,

Much has been said about the interesting life of IMPACT Wrestling. A WWE Superstar is now saying who killed IMPACT.

AJ Styles spent time in IMPACT, so he knows a thing or two about the cause of death (yes, I know it’s not dead yet…).

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On a recent Twitch stream, the Phenomenal One pulled no punches.

He specifically pointed a finger at Dixie Carter. Styles laid the blame at her feet.

He noted that, while there were many issues, you can look back to when she took over as the point in IMPACT’s lifespan where things began to trend downhill.

That wasn’t the only interesting comment to come out of the WWE Intercontinental Champion’s stream. In his stream, he also absolved Vince Russo of much of the blame he’s gotten over the years.

Styles said that while he and Russo had their issues, Russo was not a reason why IMPACT struggled. Those struggles could all be traced back to Dixie Carter.

Of course, there are some who think Styles is wrong.

In the end, does it much matter? Probably not. IMPACT is still around, and recently added several recently released Superstars.

However, the company is nowhere close to a threat to the bigger companies in the United States (WWE and AEW).

Matt Hardy Retires Gimmicks

Speaking of AEW…relative newcomer Matt Hardy is retiring his gimmicks.

Not just one. All of them.

Matt Hardy using AEW to leverage a new contract?

According to a video Hardy released, he said it’s time for him to drop his gimmicks and become Matthew Hardy.

He’s doing this to be more real and do what he can to reduce division in this country.

Of course, by retiring his gimmicks and becoming “Matthew Hardy”, it has to be said…he’s becoming a new gimmick-even if it’s just him being him.

Some embraced the move, though the assume that gimmick Matt returns when fans do (Hardy did not say this would, or would not, be the case).

Some fans had to give him a bit of grief for the video, of course.

I commend Hardy for addressing things and adjusting. It will be interesting to see how things proceed.

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