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WWE – Saudi Arabia Lawsuit, Donald Trump Tweet Ends Stable’s Push

There are new WWE Saudi Arabia problems as the company now deals with a lawsuit. Also, the Forgotten Sons push is over due to a Donald Trump tweet.

WWE had some major issues surrounding it’s Saudi Arabian shows in 2019, but it appears that those WWE Saudi Arabia problems are still around. Also, that Forgotten Sons push is gone, thanks to some social media use in poor taste.

WWE – Saudi Arabia Lawsuit,

It seems that, ever since WWE inked a deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, nothing has gone smoothly. Plenty of Superstars have declined to participate, for a variety of reasons.

Some have abstained due to the circumstances surrounding the murder of a journalist. Others have stayed home due to the Kingdom’s treatment of women or other groups of people.

WWE Saudi Arabia Problems
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After last year’s well documented horror show of a trip, plenty more Superstars had said they would no longer participate.

Now, thanks to a new lawsuit, we are getting previously unconfirmed details about the issues and just how bad things were.

According to various reports, including one via the Wrestling Observer, a secret WWE Superstar is among those speaking about things. In their words, things felt like a hostage situation with Superstars and staff stuck on an airplane and unable to leave.

One other report seems to indicate that it is a former Superstar that is speaking out, per this social media post:

So who is talking?

If it is indeed a former Superstar, one might immediately suspect Karl Anderson, who (along with his wife) was outspoken via social media in terms of just how terrible that trip was.

However, considering how many Superstars WWE released in April, several of whom had taken part in the Saudi event, there are many possibilities.

The lawsuit calls into question the full nature of the relationship between WWE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Shareholders are concerned that they were not told nearly enough.

That ten year deal between WWE and the KSA seems to be looking worse and worse each and every time it goes under a microscope. This class action lawsuit is the latest in a long line of negativity the relationship has brought WWE.

Donald Trump Tweet Ends Stable’s Push

Remember when the Forgotten Sons arrived after WrestleMania and began to get a push? That Forgotten Sons push is gone.

Not that long ago, Jaxon Ryker sent out a pro-Trump tweet. The message was bad, the timing was terrible, and it went over like a lead balloon to say the least.

The Forgotten Sons had been positioned as a right wing type of group. However, until that post, nothing had been explicitly stated about politics.

It turns out, the tweet was not likely in character or part of the plan. The tweet got panned by many, with his own tag team partners denouncing his post.

According to Fightful, things in the locker room were bad, and WWE has changed directions with the group, at least for now.

Now, that push that was just starting for the trio has been killed off. Whether it is completely dead, or just on ice while tempers cool down, remains to be seen.

According to the report, prior to that tweet, the locker room had no issues with Ryker. Since that post, it seems that he has few, if any, willing associates. 

He will have some major apologizing to do when the time comes, or he may end up ostracized.

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