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Colin Kaepernick may just make his return to the NFL again sooner than you thought. Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll revealed that he’s been contacted and knows a team who’s interested in the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback. 

Seahawks’ Pete Carroll Discloses Team Is Interested In Colin Kaepernick

The Seahawks coach told NBC Sports that he received a call on Thursday from a team asking about Kaepernick, adding that this is the first time he received such a call about him.

“So I know somebody’s interested, and we’ll see what happens with that,” Carroll said during a conference call. “I thought the irony of that was crazy, because I knew I was coming on this press conference and you guys were going to ask me a million questions about this. I got a phone call today for the first time.”

Why would a team call Pete Carroll in the first place?

The Seattle Seahawks is the only team that has had Kaepernick for an official visit since he left the 49ers after the 2016 season.

Kaepernick visited the Seahawks in 2017, and they even set up a workout for him in 2018 before cancelling it. Sound familiar?

Pete Carroll Dishes On Colin Kaepernick’s 2017 Seahawks Visit

Here’s what Carroll said about his 2017 visit: 

“Kaep called me during the [2016] season before that offseason, and he called out of the blue to ask me for some advice about where he would go next. I was flattered that he would even think to call me, because we never talked before other than just, you know, greetings, and so from that point, I was kind of rooting for him and hoping that things would work out. And so, I forgot about it. When it came back around, and we had a chance to visit with him, and it came up, I was thinking this is an incredible football player. Let’s find out if it can possibly fit football-wise and all that. And then also, because he hadn’t visited anywhere yet, maybe this would help him and open up doors for him if our thing didn’t work out. We had great meetings. I don’t know that I’ve ever explained it in as much depth, but we spent half a day together. He spent time with our people throughout the building, and he was awesome. He just backed up even more of what we had seen in the character and in his smarts, in his togetherness and his competitiveness, to the point where it was so obvious that he’s a starter in the NFL.

“He was a dominant figure as a football player, and that’s how we saw him. The fact that it didn’t work out, I figured he was going to wind up starting somewhere for sure, and it just didn’t happen. So, the rest of that story is one that I regret that didn’t happen in some fashion. I wish we would have contributed to it, because again, he deserved to play. I thought at the time and just in our situation as a backup, man, I didn’t feel it was right at that time, so I had to make that football decision. It was about our team and and the situation. We had our starting quarterback and all of that, and it wasn’t going to be the open competitive situation that I’d like to think all of our spots are because Russell is such a dominant figure and all that. That’s what happened. . . . When you look back, I felt like we missed the opportunity. I wish we could have figured that out. Knowing what we know now, I wish we had given him the chance, because I would love to see him play for all those years.”

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Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Legacy

Kaepernick became infamous in 2016 for taking a knee during the national anthem before his games to protest against racial inequality in the United States. But many Americans saw this as a clear sign of disrespect to the American flag and those who have fought for it.

He left the 49ers after this season, and leftists have since turned him into a martyr, claiming that he has not been signed by another team since because of “racism.”

Others, however, have pointed out that Kaepernick led the 49ers to an abysmal losing record during his final season with them, so his lack of football talent is the more likely reason that he has not been signed. 

There is mounting pressure on the NFL to sign Colin Kaepernick – and fast.

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After Rev. Al Sharpton’s distasteful Kaepernick speech during George Floyd’s funeral, New Orleans Saints player Malcom Jenkins doubled down on his call.

The NFL safety isn’t satisfied with a league apology or going through the motions of tryouts . He said, that if Kaepernick isn’t signed soon, the NFL will not ‘end up on the right side of history’ until they ‘assign him to a team.’

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If Pete Carroll gave Colin Kaepernick a positive review on that call, it’s possible we’ll see him on the field next fall.

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