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On the ABC talk show “The View,” cohost Sunny Hostin often gets overshadowed by her radically liberal peers Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg. On Tuesday’s episode, however, Hostin gave them a run for their money when she went full-crazy liberal by demanding that national anthem-kneeler Colin Kaepernick be given the Nobel Peace Prize, among other things.

Sunny Hostin Thinks Colin Kaepernick ‘Deserves’ Nobel Peace Prize

The women of “The View” were discussing Colin Kaepernick’s protests when Sunny Hostin took the opportunity to lavish an unbelievable amount of praise on the man who launched the kneeling protest that are a clear sign of disrespect to the American flag.

“The protests have people rethinking their stance on things like kneeling and the question is, is Colin Kaepernick owed an apology? What do you think, Sunny?” Goldberg asked her. 

“I think he’s not only owed an apology, Whoopi,” Hostin began. “I think he’s owed his job. I think he’s owed back pay. I think he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. I think what is fascinating about it is when you listen to Roger Goodell’s mea culpa, he mentions everything. He says we are wrong. We should have listened. Athletes in the league are allowed to take a knee. We support peaceful protests. He mentions everything except the man who started this peaceful protest.”

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Sunny Hostin Doubles Down With Her Praise Of Colin Kaepernick

Not stopping there, Hostin continued: 

“Taking the knee has become the symbol of these protests. We see it just all over our country. We see it actually internationally now. I think it’s shameful that people were allowed to co-opt that movement and make it about the flag and make it something that it was never about. It really just is shameful. I’m sort of shocked that Roger Goodell never mentioned his name. I have to give kudos to Drew Brees, who finally has somehow seen the light and has said, my goodness, this isn’t about the flag. It never was about the flag. It was never about the anthem. It was about peaceful protest. It was always shocking to me that people were telling a man how he could protest when that was what the anthem was about, our personal freedoms.”

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Joy Behar Unsurprisingly Agrees

It should come as no surprise that outspoken liberal “The View” cohost Joy Behar was in full agreement with Sunny Hostin. Behar piled on by claiming that Colin Kaepernick “gave up his livelihood for a principle.”

“Well, you know, Sunny just said Colin Kaepernick is really the hero of this and should be rewarded instead of thrown out of his job,” Behar said. “The guy gave up his livelihood for a principle.”

Behar seems to have forgotten the multi-million dollar deal that Kaepernick secured with Nike that played off his self-professed status as a “martyr” in the fight for racial inequality. 

He’s No Martyr

Now, liberals like Hostin try to portray Kaepernick as a martyr. They claim he has not been resigned by an NFL team since the 2016 season because of “racism”.

But they conveniently ignore the fact he led the San Francisco 49ers to an abysmal losing record his final season. Maybe he’s just a sub-par quarterback. And NFL teams have no reason to pursue signing him based on his football skill alone.

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Kaepernick has shown time and time again that he cares far more about filling his pockets and achieving fame for himself than he does about playing football.

He also has no interest in uniting America, given how much he has benefited from the divides he’s helped to create in our country.

For these reasons, “The View” host Sunny Hostin is dead wrong: Colin Kaepernick has not business getting anywhere near the Nobel Peace Prize. 

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