Jorge Masvidal Makes ESPN Appearance To Discuss Future

Days removed from making several remarks on Twitter, top UFC welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal appeared on ESPN during UFC 250.

Jorge Masvidal knows there is no time like the present to be making money.

Masvidal, though, can’t get things sorted out with the UFC to do just that.

The “BMF” champion was in talks to challenge Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title this coming July. That, however, broke down, clearing the way for Gilbert Burns to compete for the belt.

Masvidal made an appearance on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” Saturday night during UFC 250 to discuss his tweets directed towards the UFC.

“If I’m not worth it let me go,” Masvidal wrote last week. “Why make me fight for half of what I made on my last fight cause the other dude can’t draw?

“Don’t tell me about a pandemic when reports today show highest stock market has ever been. Everybody getting back to work and you buying an island. Stop playing us and the fans.”

“History lesson for all the new fans that might have just started following my beautiful sport: 16 yr been at this. Never once turned down a fight. Asked to go fight #3 at the time in his hometown across the pond after a year off. Ko of the year nominee. Asked to fight #5.

“At the time and lets be real didn’t have to fight him. Fastest Ko in the history of ufc. Msg I am asked to fight 3 different guys and I said yes to all three. I fought in backyards and those dudes never disrespected me the way I’m being now.

“Watch the company men and the ufc white knights come out and condemn my train of thought. You’ll quickly see who’s in their pockets.

“Please don’t compare us to these other leagues. I wish we can negotiate for less pay like the other leagues where the players get half the revenue they generate. We are negotiating from like what 12% to maybe 18% of revenue we generate? We are negotiating down from way under.

“50% of the revenue. I don’t get paid on the hot dog you sell in the arena or the logo on the cage. I’ve never made a dollar on a ticket you sell. I get punched in the face for a living and even I know the pandemic or what’s left of it has nothing to do with it.”

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