Andy Ngo Antifa lawsuit

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo exposes Antifa for the terror and destruction the leftwing group causes. He is arguably described as Antifa’s Public Enemy Number One for the work he has done in covering them. For this, he was brutally attacked in Portland. Now, Andy Ngo is fighting back with a lawsuit against Antifa for their “campaign of terror and harassment.”

Andy Ngo’s Antifa Lawsuit And The RICO Act

Ngo’s lawsuit describes Rose City Antifa as a racketeering operation under the RICO Act. The journalist is currently seeking $900,000 for damages caused to him.

Video of the June 2019 attack went viral. 

He claims he was assaulted, stalked, threatened and robbed by members of the group in Portland, suffering a brain hemorrhage after being assaulted last June, the news outlet reported.

These leftwing agitators threw milkshake like mixtures containing quick-drying cement, raw, eggs, and pepper spray. 

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“I am hoping that this marks a turning point, that militants belonging to a criminal movement can no longer depend on the anonymity … to get away with their crimes,” Ngo said. 

Harmeet Dhillon of the Liberty Center is representing Ngo in this case, which is the first time Antifa has been sued. The lawyer claims the journalist continued to be stalked by members of the group President Trump describes as terrorists.

Portland authorities have reportedly done nothing to protect Ngo. An Antifa member was sentenced for attacking someone else at that protest, but the journalist’s attackers have been given a pass. 

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Ngo Suffered Brain Injuries In Antifa Attack

Ngo suffered brain injuries from the attack from the Antifa event he was covering last year. His work in exposing the leftwing group has forced the mainstream media to cover them. 

While some are accusing Ngo of taking advantage of the timing of this lawsuit because of recent protests and rioting, it was months in the making.

Ngo and Dhillon were hoping Portland authorities would bring criminal charges against those involved in the brutal attack. But, those expectations were never fulfilled, so they took actions into their own hands and are looking forward to their day in court. 

Portland has let Antifa run amok in the city. There has been little done to rein them in.

The fact that Ngo’s assailant’s were never criminally charged is evidence of that.

The attack was recorded. Part of it can be watched in the disturbing video below. 

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