Amy Grant heart surgery scars

Amy Grant is recovering from open heart surgery. The 59-year-old Christian-pop singer had a heart condition which needed to be repaired. Amy Grant took social media to inform her fans of her recovery progress since her June 3rd surgery and to share some pictures of her scars. She describes her recovery as “miraculous.”

Amy Grant Had Heart Condition Since Birth

The singer shared in February that she had tests because of her dad’s health history. She is grateful that the doctor suggested this as the tests proved that she has had a heart condition since birth.

While she was asymptomatic, she knew she couldn’t put treatment off until she had a major episode. She shared this diagnosis with fans during Heart Health Awareness Month to bring these issues to other’s attention. 

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It’s scary to have such a life changing surgery at any time, but it’s even more concerning during a pandemic as the patient has to be on high alert as not to contract coronavirus. Scars from surgery tell a tale.

They are a visible reminder of the physical pain and some people find them to be embarrassing. But, Grant is embracing them. They are evidence that she is healing. 

The first picture in the post appears to be from shortly after surgery. Grant has a cannula lead in her nose to provide her with oxygen. The long scar from her heart surgery appears to be very fresh and still taped. 

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Miraculous Recovery

“My recovery has honestly felt miraculous. And so I want to say thank you to each person who said a prayer for me. Prayer changes everything,” Grant shares in the Instagram post below “Let’s keep those prayers going for our country and lets turn all the brokenness into love and seeing each other.”

Hit the arrow in the post to page through the pictures. Even though Amy Grant posted this just 11 days after her surgery, it looks like both her recovery and scars are coming along nicely. The “Every Heartbeat” singer definitely appears to have a bounce back in her step!


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