25-year-old runner Tyler Moon experienced a life-saving miracle after deciding to wear a race bib emblazoned with JESUS SAVES during a 10-mile race.

25-year-old Tyler Moon made a rather prophetic decision for the 2019 Medtronic TC 10 Mile race in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He chose to have his race bib read JESUS SAVES for the October 3rd race. And he’s still alive today thanks to a miracle.


Moon, a former college football player, is a devout Christian. So this was his motivation for swapping out his name for the inspiring message of faith. He never expected that he would need to be saved that day after suffering a cardiac arrest.

“So, before the race, my name was originally on the bib,” Moon said in an interview.

“One day I got a thought — I thought it was from God and that it should be a profession of faith — and changed it to ‘Jesus Saves,’ so that another runner or someone in the audience would see it … that Jesus saves us for eternity.”

It was Moon’s first 10 mile race. He felt confident about it as he trained all summer. “When the gun fired off I felt really good and ready to go and go all the way,” he said.

Saved By Nurse Named Jesus

Moon felt confident when he saw his fiancé, Amy Greene, and family at the one mile mark. Soon after that, he collapsed face first to the ground.

Then Tyler Moon’s 25-year-old heart stopped for a full 15 minutes.

This runner who was sporting a JESUS SAVES bib certainly had guardian angels looking after him that day. Several medically trained runners were right by him, ironically including one named Jesus.

Nurse anesthetist Jesus “Jesse” Bueno helped keep Moon alive until he could get to the hospital.

Yes, a man whose name translates to Jesus Good helped save the young athletic runner wearing a JESUS SAVES bib.

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Collapsed On The Race Course

“I heard this big heavy sigh, this poor guy went face down—didn’t try to break his fall or anything like that – just face down and skidded a little bit,” said Dr. Grant Morrison, a sports medicine doctor who was running near Moon said.

“There were people who would come by and identify themselves and get involved and people taking turns and doing chest compressions and breathing—I was worried about a neck injury, so I was stabilizing his head most of the time,” Dr. Morrison stated.


A Happy Ending

Moon spent a week at the Mayo Clinic. Doctors cannot determine what caused his heart to stop. The fact he’s alive today is a miracle.

The young athlete now has to wear a life vest around his neck that will shock him if his heart stops again. He will be wearing this until he has open heart surgery.

Moon strongly believes God put everything in motion during that race earlier this month.

“How they ran and where they ran and all these just like little minute things ended up just being a life-saving decision,” the runner said.

“Thank you to everyone who helped me and thanks to all the runners who stopped and saved my life,” he told Fox News. “I believe God placed all those people there at the right time and the right place for His glory.”

JESUS SAVES – indeed – thanks to a miracle worked by a man name Jesus.

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