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The youngest Baldwin brother stands out in Hollywood for some very poignant reasons.  Stephen Baldwin is a vocal conservative surrounded by liberal actors, and he’s also a proud Christian. He’s also the father of Hailey Baldwin, now Hailey Bieber. Like her father, Hailey and Justin Bieber openly share their love of God with the masses.

But, Stephen’s journey to Jesus was not something intentional. Instead, the Baldwin brother stumbled upon his path thanks to the help of his housekeeper. God puts people in our lives for very specific reasons and He put Augusta in the Baldwins’ life for this very important reason. 

In a powerful “I Am Second” video detailing his faith journey, Baldwin tells the tale of how his life was a typical one with “an existence of self absorbance.”

Stephen Baldwin’s Cleaning Lady Brought Him To Jesus

The Baldwins’ lives changed when their new cleaning lady Augusta sang Christian songs as she worked. Jesus made her so joyful that she had to share that as she worked.

When Stephen Baldwin’s wife, Kennya, asked her why religious music was all she sang, Augusta dropped a life bomb on the couple. 

“You think the only reason I am here is to clean your house,” Augusta said.

Then she said that she was there because the Baldwins were going to become Born Again Christians and have a worldwide ministry. This message shocked Stephen, who was intensely focused on his Tinseltown career and elitist ways at the time. 

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What makes this message from God even more awesome is that Augusta is from Brazil, like Stephen’s wife Kennya. So the pair had this conversation in her native Portuguese.

While August’s divine message might have sounded ludicrous to them at the the time, it most certainly came to pass.

Stephen Baldwin’s Personal Testimony As A Christian

Augusta shed light on God’s message for the Baldwins.

It was so confident and strong that it couldn’t be ignored. That conversation was a life changing encounter. Not just for the couple but for the countless others the now Christian couple would eventually impact. 

From Stephen Baldwin’s “I Am Second” video

Stephen Baldwin takes you on a journey from a life centered around money, fame and self absorbance to place where life centered around him no longer mattered.

His confession orbits around the divine purpose of people who entered his life, the places he went and the things that were said and done even when life seemed meaningless. The housekeeper he hired to free up his time instead brought him a message that liberated his life, leaving him on an uncertain road but a sure foundation.

His testimony is a journey of maturing from the burden of people pleasing and self gratification to a life of liberation and humility.

Now, Stephen Baldwin is so fulfilled by his faith that he regularly shares it on social media. Much like Augusta’s singing, he feels so much joy from Jesus that he uses his platform to share it with everyone. 

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Baldwin’s ‘I Am Second’ Video

“Loving Jesus is what’s more important to me,” Baldwin says while looking directly into the camera. 

The Baldwins conversion has been incredibly impactful on their children as well.

Their daughter Hailey married Justin Bieber. The young couple met at Hillsong Church. And their love for God lead to an ultimately unbreakable bond.

Like Stephen and Kennya, the Biebers are vocal about their faith. Justin Bieber makes a regular effort to share the good news with his fan base of millions.

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You can watch this powerful video below. You will likely want to share it with others. 

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