NC Speedway Outsmarts Democrat Governor – Holds Packed Race In Protest Of ‘Inequality’

North Carolina Ace Speedway protest skirts Democrat Governor Cooper

A North Carolina race track found a way to circumvent Democrat Governor Cooper’s demand the business remain closed during the pandemic. Ace Speedway in Elon held their Saturday race in protest of ‘injustice and inequality everywhere’. Since protesting is protected under the First Amendment, the race went on. 

People have had enough of the coronavirus restrictions.

Thousands of Black Lives Matters protesters came out across the country this weekend without concern for social distancing or even wearing masks. These protesters were packed in tight and had the full support of the media and government.

Apparently, there is only concern for coronavirus spreading with opening business, entertainment purposes, or conservative protests against the lockdowns. Officials and mainstream media fully support large gatherings in the name of Black Lives Matter.

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North Carolina Speedway Holds Race As ‘Protest’

If a protest for injustice gives them a pass to gather by the tens of thousands, then it should be good for the rest of us too. That’s what Ace Speedway in Elon, North Carolina decided.

Governor Roy Cooper previously targeted the race track for opening to a packed crowd. He demanded Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson enforce the state’s order banning crowds of more than 25 people and prevent Saturday’s race.

But, in the end, much smarter heads prevailed. 

A sign outside Ace Speedway on Saturday stated “This Event is held in PEACEFUL Protest of Injustice & Inequality Everywhere.”  

The Sheriff thought that was enough for the race to go on to a crowd of 2,000 spectators. After all, protests are protected under the First Amendment and so that covered the race. 

Alamance County Sheriff Doesn’t Agree With Democrat Governor’s Restrictions

The Democratic Governor has two sets of rules. Liberal minded protesters are free to gather in as large of crowds as they would like but the rest of us are limited in size.

When the Alamance County Sheriff refused to enforce the order, Cooper’s hands were tied on stopping this race. A tweeted video of this protest is below. 

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There probably will be a lot more races at Ace Speedway before the lockdown lifts. Expect other businesses to follow in its path.

Baseball games can also be played in protest. A graduation party can be held in protest to the end of high school. A wedding can be a protest to the end of single life. 

Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson spoke about the nonsensical orders from the Governor in the news video below. This aired before this week’s protest.

Obviously, he’s not having any of the Democrat Governor’s nonsense.